Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome fall!

As soon as we came home from Mexico, we were welcomed with better fall weather! I'm loving it!

These were actually taken before we left...but how could I leave this off the blog?!?! We were going to church and when I got Chloe out of the carseat, Levi said "Awwwwwww! She so cuuuute!" And then he hugged her. I almost lost it, they are my life!

Then when we got back....time for fall clothes!!!! This sweet girl also hit 15 months while we were gone. She had her checkup last week and is just perfect!! She weighs 21 lb and is just shy of 30 inches long. She's pretty short for her age, but exactly average in weight. Just perfect if you ask me! She's got his new head nod, like she's saying yes. But it's REALLY big!! Hilarious and sweet!

Love dressing them up!

This morning it was "PJ Day" at the library. Why? Well Ms. Kim had a baby 2 WEEKS ago!! Don't blame her. I'd wanna wear my pjs too! Actually she came last week!! I couldn't believe she was there one week after having a baby! It killed me to take them in public like this. I don't like it. But I'm not gonna let them participate in the fun!!

Levi found an acorn outside and said "Looooook! It's coc-nut!" Hahahaha! I don't even think he knows what a coconut is! We've talked all day about acorns. :)

Sissy loves the library!!

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