Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mexico 2013

We've been looking forward to this trip for about 2 years now!! We were so excited, but it's so sad to leave these two adorable kiddos!!

We stayed at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was a beautiful resort! Definitely recommend it to anyone going to Mexico!

We loved being treated like royalty for a few days....turn down service and such!

When we got there Tuesday, we just hung out at the pool and then went to dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants! These two can NEVER just be real in a picture!

Just a couple of the little shops outside the hotel. We were jut one block away from the 5th Ave shopping.

I finally begged and got them to take a picture for their mother!!

3 of my favorite people in the world!

There was a group of 10 of us on this trip to celebrate the big 30 for Trent & Brent. Nell and Dan, Johanna and Steve, us, Brent and Tif and Micah and Ashley who are missing in the pic.

Wednesday we had planned an excursion that was ATVs, wave runners, and snorkeling. We had some crappy weather for a couple of days but it ended up working out ok. We only did the ATVs which was really cool since the trails were all muddy. We stopped in a cave (unbeknownst to me beforehand, but it was just a little ways in and it was really big) swam in a cenote (an opening from the underground rivers of this area) and walked down the beach where they filmed a few Corona commercials.

When we got home we had a celebratory meal!! Complete with singing, flaming shots and tres leches cake!

Thursday we set out for Xcaret. This is kind of like an amusement park, but it's all based on Mayan ruins, traditions, and the underground rivers. Some flamingos just following along?

An example of a Mayan cemetery.

These giant lizards were everywhere.

Can my grave please look like this?? How beautiful! Little tiny chapel looking things!

You get snorkeling gear, then get into the underground river. There were a couple of options though. A) 80% darkness (no thanks) or B) 25% darkness (yes please.) For those of you who don't know...I don't do caves. I especially don't do swimming in caves. It wasn't too bad though, because anytime we went into a cave we could see daylight. It doesn't make any sense to me why you'd want to swim in complete darkness and not see any of God's beauty???

It was wonderful though! Gorgeous, clear water! The snorkeling gear was pretty useless though until the very end when it opened up some and there were some beautiful fish!

Gorgeous view!!!

These darn guys did some ancient rain dance...

and then it poured rain for an hour. Thanks. Couldn't ya have waited another 3 days?


Look how crystal clear the water is!

Uncle Brent climbing this teeny tiny steps!

There were lots of big turtles!!

Photo Op in the orchid room!

All of us waiting on the traditional dancing show.

They did traditional dances from each of the states of Mexico.

Then it was over to an ancient game they played.

The first was a game they played where they hit a ball with their hip. The next was kind of like hockey, only on their feet and the ball was on FIRE!

I'm still a little like a child with these shows. These people kind of scare me a little even though I know they're not real. haha. This guy got REAL close to light our candles.

On Friday, we checked something off my bucket list. Swimming with the dolphins!! I only uploaded this one picture so I'll have to edit this post when I get the rest uploaded. Let's just say...it was an AMAZING experience!!! We had a blast and the weather was gorgeous!

Saturday morning we did a little shopping before heading back. We stopped for a quick fish spa experience!

It felt really funny at first, like your feet were vibrating. But you get used to it pretty quick!

It was such a WONDERFUL trip!! We had an amazing time having adult time, but we kept saying the whole time that we can't wait to take the kids on a trip like this!!

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