Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Brielle!!

We were so incredibly excited to get to celebrate Brielle's birthday with her this year!!! Of course, Diana threw the cutest Puppy Paw-ty for her!! My favorite part....pup cakes. Which is actually what Levi calls cupcakes. But when I asked him to say it, did he? NOPE. Cupcakes came out of his mouth. Go figure.

It was great to see some family!!

Sweet girl playing with Kaytie!

Enjoying their delicious snacks!

I can't believe she has 4 candles already?!?!

There's no question why this little girl is so beautiful....

Look how stinking cute Hason is!?!?!

I was trying to keep them from swarming Brielle. I can't imagine anything more annoying than other people jumping in my face while trying to open presents. But seriously...every child's birthday party!

3 little posers!! Next year Hason will be climbing rocks with them!

We didn't even ask him to do that...he's just that cute. :)

The kiddos had a blast climbing on all the rocks.

Sweet cousins and friends.

They all got these adorable stuffable puppies. Chloe was in heaven of course!

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