Monday, April 21, 2014

Just normal days...

Boy do we get this look a lot! Chloe's personality grows exponentially every day! Sweet and sassy for sure!

She LOOOOOOOVES "Owafffff"

They've discovered hungry hungry hippos. It's soooo cute! This day when I told him to pick up the game he said "but the hippos are still really hungry!!" Very clever little fella.

Sissy not wanting to nap!!

Too cool for school!

Our new street is so quiet! They love to go cruising!

Nana got Chloe this little backpack since we don't need so much stuff anymore. She loves to carry it!

Little darlings at church!

She insisted on sleeping with her baby this night, it made her so happy! And made me happy to tuck her in!

Kristie and I broke mom and Ramona into painting with a twist!

Then Trent and the kiddos met me and we went to see Rio 2!!

Library time! (Wearing winter clothes in April. Grrrrr)

Making blueberry bracelets! I was impressed with both of their beading skills!

This big kid was so sweet and helped Levi.

Just a girl and her princess book :)

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Weekend at the Watson Farm

It had been a REALLY long time since I had seen my Batesie's so I was SUPER excited to go to Ty's first birthday party!

Gage and Levi get so much more adorable together each time we see them. They had a blast doing all kinds of farm things.
Trevor is always boiling something....this weekend it was crawfish! Shelly loaded them in her trunk and brought them from Houston. Ick!
The kids were pretty interested in watching them.

One of those big ole suckers nearly took Trevor's finger off!

These two are both so high maintenance! I just love watching them run around together!
They set some crawfish free to see if they'd live in the pond. We went back and checked on them later and couldn't find any...I guess we'll see!
Leslie and Trevor had a bounce house for the kids. This one didn't want to get out!!!
I took videos, but managed to lose them when I got a new phone. :(
The precious birthday boy and his pretty Momma!!!
Levi was not quite thrilled about the party hats??
They released lady bugs!!
Divalicious was not pumped about those bugs....
Me and my buddy!!!
They love to feed the goats of course...
Have you ever seen anything cuter? A baby in a corn bucket, feeding goats!!!
Crazy playful goats
Leslie has painted Ty's playroom soooooo adorable. She let all the kids put their handprints on the wall. Levi was EXHAUSTED and melting down so his handprint didn't make the wall.

Meet Michelle Obama the Llama. Chloe LOVED her and wanted to take her home. She creeped me out a little, but they say she's nice. She was just super curious about the kids and wasn't shy about coming up to us!
Chloe literally squealed she was so excited about it!
Riding in the back of the gator with her big bro...
Trevor caught one of the baby goats for the kids to pet! Sooooo sweet!!!

And then we saw a snake....boooo. Haylea tried to catch it of course. Even though she didn't know what it was. We so kindly talked her down off of that idea.
It was a really short visit, but any time spent with the Bates family is amazing. Chloe loved on all the Batesie's before we left!!
Sweet Audrey. :)
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A lot....because I must catch up!

We had Lucky Charms and green milk for St. Patty's day breakfast! It's also Gunner's birthday so it's double celebratory around our house.

I don't know why Levi was doing his hands like that? But Chloe followed of course.

Then we put on our green and headed to the library! Chloe and Lucas scheming up how to put their stickers where they don't belong.

Look Ma!

Levi was really into the story this day and laid down to listen. Lucas did too, then Chloe did too. I really love to see these 3 at the library together because you can TELL they know each other. Lucas and Chloe mostly do a good job participating, but they usually stick together! There are other kids in the room...but these 3 have eyes only for each other when they're all there.

They were being little stinkers at this point!!! Turned into leprechauns I guess?

For whatever reason...this is one of their favorite games!

Like I said...we've been working hard to get the house all settled and decorated. The wall collage was my job for the day. I texted Trent and asked if he thought the table accessory was perfect? His answer was yes of course!

We've had a few teaser days of good weather, we take full advantage when we get them!

We've ALMOST gotten all of our stuff out of my parents garage, but we still had to do some playing while we were loading up.

I bought myself a cricut a few weeks ago and I love finding little projects for it!

Sis can hold her own when it comes to playing in the dirt, but she knows good shoes when she sees them! My new closet is one of her favorite places to play, she always goes straight for the heels.

We did a little Easter crafting already. :) It's so sweet that she's getting big enough to participate now!

Concentration! He ended up making "race car" eggs. Imagine that?

We also discovered buffalo in a field close to our new house! The kids love to go "turtle hunting" (we don't actually kill them) so now we go see the buffalo on our way.

Bucky the Cowgirl also came to the library. Ya'll, she creeped me out a little, not gonna lie. But Levi was BELLY LAUGHING. Like it almost embarrassed me because he was laughing so much louder than everyone else. And it was NOT a fake laugh!

Then he acted like he hated her when we took his picture? Lucas too?? Haha, they all 3 really did enjoy it!

There's a grin from Sis!

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I swear I will get caught up eventually!!!

When we got back from Disney, the kiddos had a package from Mimi that included stickers!! Their fave!! They had a blast as you can tell!

Chloe is so much more of a snuggler than Levi ever was at her age. I just love it! And she loves to be covered in blankies just like me!

We had a beautiful day in the middle of all this crap weather we've had, so we took full advantage and went to the Gainesville zoo.

Sweet girl ready for church!

Before and after... haha

I curled her hair for the first time recently and it's just so pretty! I think I have to do it all the time because it showed me just how ratty it looks when I don't curl or flat iron it. Anyone who knows us knows that her hair is always pulled back. I can't stand it hanging in her eyes. So it's not that I don't always "fix" it, I just don't always curl it.

Mom, Dad, Trent, Krisite, me, Lucas, Levi and Chloe all made a trip to Canton in March. The kids were way excited for something to do besides shop. They wanted in that Ferris wheel sooooooo bad. Then they looked like they hated us for putting them in. They eventually warmed up and didn't look like they hated us so bad! Haha!

So part of the reason I've been so absent from blogging is because we recently bought a house. Thankfully our other one sold within in 2 weeks, and the timing worked out where we weren't rushed. I'll do a post on the house later but we've been super busy trying to get fully settled and decorated. My two little painting helpers...

The new house has a pool! yay! The kiddos are dying to swim. On days when it's realllllly warm, I'll let them play on the step. They don't think the water is cold...but it's freeeeeezing!

We had all of Trent's family in town to celebrate Mimi's 50th birthday!!!!

Levi had to help her blow out allllllllll those candles. :) Just kidding Mimi, it's really not that many!

And Chloe helped open presents. :)

Then she planned this exciting day of outdoors fun! I felt like absolute poooooo. I ended up going to the doctor that morning and getting a steroid, antibiotic, nose spray, and he had me taking benadryl and sudafed. I had to steal everyone else's pictures because I did good to make it through the day, much less take pictures.

Levi and Brielle even participated in a lot of it! The helmets weren't quite tight enough for them to really climb or zip line, but they both wanted to attempt!

The whole group!

Her appropriate superwoman shirt!

Talk about a freaky activity! But we did it! We didn't quite hang on to the bar, but still....that's an accomplishment! The boys of course turned it in to a big competition. Go figure.

Then we went out to dinner! How cute is Brielle helping Chloe get her pouch all emptied out?!?!

Birthday sopapilla!!

Uncle Brent and a beautiful little girl!!

We had a lot of fun with the Gann side this weekend. Maybe they'll all come back soon when our house doesn't look like we just moved in anymore. :)

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