Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Punkin' Carvin'

I bought this pumpkin a few weeks ago, but we're just now getting to carving it.

2 sweet punkins...

3 sweet punkins.... (Check out Trent's face. I posted this pic on Istagram and I was so thrilled that everyone caught it! hahahaha!)

Levi was SO curious about what he was doing!

Levi said "It's a oc-pus!!!" When Trent pulled it out. :)

My thoughts exactly....he may look like his Daddy, but he's got some of Momma's characteristics.

I was trying to catch Chloe's hair, it was just perfectly curled under this day!

Reading Hooray for Fish with Daddy! All day....every day....this is what we do. She says "BOOK BOOK BOOK" while shoving it in your face, then turning her booty around and sitting in your lap.

This is the 3 sweet babies that afternoon. Lucas came to play with us for a little while. They were having some pretzels, coloring pumpkins with purple. Can you tell what letter we were learning?

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