Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mother's Day and A Little More...

I can't even remember what day this was...but I just love it when they're all here! 
Chloe was super excited about all the pretty flowers Mommy had!!

I don't even feel like I need gifts for Mother's Day. Usually a trip to the grocery store or Target by myself suffices as a gift these days! Haha! But of course my sweet family didn't let me down!! Most precious family ever!!
 This is how Levi and Chloe say Happy Mother's Day! Ha!

 This is more like it! A quiet bubble bath all to myself!!!!!!

 We had a playdate with Brielle one Friday afternoon at Brielle's gymnastics place. The kids had a blast playing of course! My kids weren't too sure what to do with all the stuff! But Brielle showed them!

The kids LOVE to play with Brielle and Hason, and I love their Momma. Any play date with them is a win win!!!!

 Well...why not swim in your clothes? They're so darn cute, I didn't even stop them!
 We bought these towels at Disney World. We figured beach towels are fitting souvenirs now that we have a pool. They LOOOOOVE these towels! And I adore those hineys!!!! These two are absolutely why I was put on this earth. They and their Daddy are my world!!!

My Batesies!!!!!!

So as if being a mom of 2 toddlers isn't enough, Haylea's in school now too. Our conversations aren't near as often anymore but I was ECSTATIC when she said they were loading up and coming to visit!!! Levi was SUPER PUMPED!

They all loved goggles!
Gainesville doesn't have a ton to offer, but way more than Crane! We took them to the zoo! But first, a quick little picnic.
Little darlings waving at the train...
Who's that cute giraffe??

Audrey and Chloe are so much alike. They DO.NOT.STOP! They also fight....they'll be bffs in another year like the boys.

Feeding the goats!

I took the kids to the zoo a week before this to see the dinosaurs and it went like this....

 They both HATED IT!

But Levi was much more confident this time around!

We made a few trips to Starbucks...and the kids got treats too of course. 
 Poor Chloe was worn out!! Too much fun for her!

This happened a lot that week...
 And we did a lot of swimming!! Gage wasn't really pumped about it at first, but he warmed up to it! He and Levi had so much fun cleaning out the skimmer buckets. We left the net on for a lot of the time they were here. Those boys played in the skimmer buckets for hours!

 He loves his Uncle Trimp! It's a mutual thing. :)

 Little stinker!
 I love these Batesies so much, there are no words!!

Thank you for coming to visit us!!! And come back soon!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Meeting Up With an Old Friend!

A really good friend of mine from Crane lives in the DFW area as well. We have been friends since 6th grade!

I was very blessed with a great group of friends in junior high/high school. I don't talk to any of them as much as I wish I did, but they still hold a very dear piece of my heart!! We were so close, and did EVERYTHING together! (These are no means all of them....just the few pics I could grab that had me and Mesa in them!)

Anyway....Marissa and her family live close and we've been meaning to meet up forever!! Our kids are very close in age so it was so fun to finally get them together!!!

 Riley and Levi are just a couple of weeks apart in age!!

 Ryan and Chloe are only a few months apart! And now she's expecting a sweet baby girl!! yay!!!!
 Chloe loves to watch the animals!
 They all wanted to watch the elephants for like 30 minutes. Probably 3 times. Haha!
 Handsome buddies!!

It was so great to catch up with Mesa and get to spend time with her adorable boys! 

Sea World!!!

We have been meaning to take the kids to Sea World for a while now. We also hadn't seen Uncle Brent's new house so it was an exciting trip!

It was a gorgeous day and the park was not near as crowded as I expected!

Cool cats...

 Our first stop was the little kid rides...they loved it!

 Then we ran off to feed the sea lions and watch the show!

 We had to buy him a new shirt because he got SOAKED playing in the splash pad! This look is PURE ANTICIPATION for the ice cream! Hahaha.... I love it!!
 We just happened to be in the reptile exhibit when they brought this guy out. Levi was a little bit timid, but he did touch him! Chloe stuck her hand right on him of course. Very gently with her finger though. :) Very strange though because anytime you put her in the grass she whines and yells "NAKE!" I guess I've passed on my unhealthy fear already.
 So excited to play in the water! Poor Sis slept right through it.
 My sweet girl!
 And her VERY handsome Daddy!
 We were waiting on Daddy, Uncle Brent and Mimi to ride the big roller coaster. I volunteered to sit this one out. :( Unfortunately they didn't get to ride it though. As soon as Chloe laid her eyes on that huge roller coaster, she pointed at it and said "ride dat!" So strange???? How does she even know you're supposed to ride it??? She will be LOADS of fun at the amusement parks, if she ever grows tall enough to ride!
 How cute are they?!?!
 He pretty much HATED them for taking him on this ride. Poor guy! It was getting late and he was so tired.
 Last stop was the dolphin show! So cool!!!
 On the way out we found some hopscotch! We've done this a few times at home with sidewalk chalk, but they're still not really sure about the whole thing. haha!
 Trying on Uncle Brent's boots, oh so early in the morning.

 Saturday afternoon we headed down to the Riverwalk for some cultural fun!

 Giggling so hard at her Uncle Brent! I'm sure she was trying to whack him in the face with that spoon. She's such a stinker, but then she laughs and you just can't help but laugh at her!
 They were very good at dinner! Always entertained when Mimi and Brent are around!
 Little doll...just swinging!
 Waiting on our River boat ride!

 Mimi taking selfies of course!!!
 Sunday, Chloe was just plum worn out! She never even woke up to eat!! We just passed her around and took turns. Poor baby!

And we caught these sweet giggles on the way home. She ADORES her dad and things he's so silly!!!