Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Time and Rodeo!

This weekend Levi finally got to see his Mimi and Grandpa Lin! He hasn't seen them since Christmas so we were very excited they came to visit! Uncle Brent and Tifanie came too so we had a wonderful relaxing weekend with the family.

Levi has a lot of warming up to do to animals! Trent was showing him the worms here and he was shaking his head no as big as he could!!

 Isn't just the most handsome thing you've ever seen??
 Now this he was interested in! We watched a little big of the sheep dog competition and he loved it!
We had such a wonderful weekend with Trent's side of the family!!

On Thursday, I decided to take Levi down to the rodeo by myself to see my cousin Rob, Jessi and their little boy Holt. The next few pictures are pretty hilarious. Holt is around pigs pretty much every day of his life. Rob is an ag teacher in Shallowater so they're used to this business. Holt gets in the pig pen, lays on the pig, kisses the pig, just has a blast!
 "Oh no!! What is he doing in there? He's gonna get eaten!!!!" Notice... he's pulling his legs back as far as he can get them!

 Rob tried to hold him and get him closer. By the end of the day he was curious....but he still didn't want to get close! It's seriously time to get out of the city!!!
 "I'm NOT taking my eye off that thing!"
By Saturday when we were there with Mimi he had made a little progress. He actually touched Elsie the cows horn with Daddy. I know they are big and scary to him, but we really gotta work on this!!

Chloe's Shower

The Bates girls through an absolutely beautiful shower for our sweet Chloe!! It was such a wonderful day spent talking with old friends I haven't seen in a while and hanging out with family I love! Leslie sent me all the pictures but my computer decided it only wanted to allow me to save a few of them. I'm guessing it's because she has a fancy apple...and my pc hardly works! haha Oh well, here are a few of them and I'll update the post later so I'll have the memories forever. :)

 I pinned this bow holder on pinterest a long time ago and have wanted to make it forever! Leslie read my mind and made it for a shower gift and it's PERFECT!!! It will look so wonderful in her room!!
 Notice the balloon covered ceiling. Nazi Leslie made us blow up balloons all morning! Well, I played the pregnant card and said Chloe needed the oxygen so I only helped put them up. :)
 This is Holly's mom Christy...I was soooo excited to see her!! It's been a while and I just love visiting with her! And that's Grammy on the right!
 Hostess with the mostess #3 and Pat
 That cake was DELICIOUS!!!

 All the pics of the amazing gifts Chloe got won't save, but let's just say the girl has a beautiful wardrobe already! I'm so blessed to have these people in my life! After the shower, we didn't really want to go wait in a long line to eat in Odessa but NOTHING is open in Crane on we went to the big city of McCamey to eat at Benoit's. Yummy!!!

Haylea (my bestest friend in the entire world and Steven (Holly's brother.)
 Amanda and Bella...and Diana enjoying her food. :)
 Carol and Grammy! (No one is smiling because I was just randomly taking pictures since I realized I hadn't taken any!)
 Hostesses!!! Sweetest people you'll ever meet! Leslie, Karen and my mommy.
 Me and Diana! I had no clue she was coming and was SOOOOO excited she did! We got to catch up on some much needed cousin time! I'm very blessed to have gained this wonderful cousin through marriage!
This was one of the greatest weekends I've had in a long time! A whole bunch of girls and a whole lot of fun!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where oh where did my baby go??

Levi is finally feeling better!! He's so big these days, it doesn't even seem like he's a baby anymore! Here he is helping me make mint chocolate chip cookies yesterday. :)
 His newest thing is to tell EVERYONE "hi" and "bye-bye." And by everyone...I mean anyone he sees!! And if they don't respond to him....he gets louder!! It's pretty funny. I was laughing so hard in the grocery store the other day I almost died. Hello people! Speak back to the kid!
 Yummy Pappasito's! I love half price fajita Wednesdays!
 He also thinks he's way too big for you to hold his cup for him anymore. I never worry if it's a sippy of course, but a cup with a lid and straw he can always make a mess with. Well he does NOT want you holding it for him anymore! Tonight we were cutting up his food and he just kept grabbing them and eating them like a big boy. It's so crazy how fast he's growing!
 My mom and I finally got to go fabric shopping for Chloe's bedding last week. I can never convince Trent to go with me! I can't imagine why. :) I had it all planned in my head to do a black, white, red, and tiffany blue nursery in my head. I guess you can't fight off who you truly are!! Back to the bright colors!
I went for a check up today and everything looked great. I had another sonogram because there were some things they couldn't see last time, everything checked out good as far as they could see! I start seeing the Dr. every 2 weeks now, that's so hard to believe! 3rd trimester is just around the corner (next week!)

The Bates' threw me a wonderful shower last weekend!! It was so wonderful to get to hang out with all the important women in my life! I didn't take many pics because Leslie was taking them so I'll post them when I get them. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

House arrest

Our week has been absolutely NO fun!! Levi wasn't really acting like himself this weekend so we feared something was coming. We had no idea!! He was running a fever Sunday night so I took off monday and took him to the doc. The diagnosis was an upper respiratory infection from a virus which means no medicine. Ugh!! Well we are on day 4 of house arrest. That's right....I said 4!!! He finally isn't running a fever today but he's still miserable. I haven't been able to put him down since Sunday. I haven't exactly figured out this blogger app yet but here are a couple of pics I have on my phone, i have no clue what order theyre going to post in. We did finally force him to get a haircut this weekend so his hair looks much better! The rest are just from our miserable house arrest. :( poor baby!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

25 week update

Our computer is still acting up so phone pics will have to do for now! I'm 25 weeks now...15 more weeks to go! I'm feeling pretty good still. I've noticed a difference in how tired I am at the end of the day already though. Today it dawned on me that when I was 25 weeks with Levi, it was summer and I was at home taking naps every day! No wonder I don't remember feeling so tired so early! Baby girl is growing and moving so much these days. I love to feel her sweet little kicks and flips. We have another sonogram scheduled at our next appt to check some things they couldn't see last time. I can't wait to see her again! I thought maybe the second pregnancy wouldn't be as exciting....not true at all! We can't wait to meet this newest member of our family!