Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I don't usually do this whole "what we did today" blog thing....but this is worthy. And actually, it happened yesterday so it still doesn't fall in that category.

Trent had the day off yesterday, so we were outside enjoying the gorgeous weather of course. Levi tripped on the porch and scraped the top of his foot. It was dramatic and all, then Trent asked him if he wanted to go get a bandaid.

Insert MAJOR FIT. (The kid despises bandaids. Literally. When we got flu shots on Monday, he didn't scream when he saw the needle....he screamed when he saw THE BANDAID.)

He totally flipped his lid and said no I wanna wash it. Trent said "you sure did get a booger of a scratch!"

And in his typical parrot alter ego he said (while still crying) "Yeah! Got big ole booger on mine foot!"

Hahahahahahahaha Never a dull moment!

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