Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Happenings

I have just some random photos I need to document so this post is totally random!!

Here's Levi playing on the little playground at the park. There's a big playground....but it's a SERIOUS playground and I don't like to take both of them by myself. I can't keep up with him and hold Chloe at the same time.

I feel like I've already posted this but I can't find it...can you tell he's watched his dad crawl under the car a few times to "fix" it? He kept coming up because his hat was falling off...he finally resorted to holding it. Hilarious.

He was standing next to Dad's car and some little kids walked by. He nonchalantly said "Daddy race car." He never even looked at them! hahahah!

These two are SO sweet to watch! They crawl around everywhere with each other. Pull out a snack and they will ATTACK you! I'm sure they were staring at Kristie holding goldfish!

Chloe got to swing for the first time! She was pretty excited, but Levi was THRILLED that she was swinging with him!!

We headed to Aunt Holly's for a Memorial Day cookout with her family. I haven't seen her mom and brother in a long time so I was super excited to see them! Chloe was pretty ticked when we first put her in the pool....

but she quickly realized how relaxing it can be!! haha

Phillip hit the honey hole with pool toys. He bought this little shark that swam in the pool. Connor and Levi chased it alllllll day!

Here they were roaring like dinosaurs at each other. :) Connor loves dinosaurs!

He caught it!!

Where did it go? The kids fell asleep of course on the way home, when Trent got Levi out to put him down he very sleepily said "shark go?" I guess he was still dreaming about it!

We go to the library on Tuesday mornings in Gainesville, here's Levi sitting with his little friends. The lady read books about flys so he's been singing "Shoo fly, don't bother me.." It's so sweet!

And CC was ALLLLLL in the action this week! She usually just hangs out with me, but not this week! She loves music and always claps or dances when I sing. They were singing and she crawled right in the middle of the group and started clapping and dancing! She's growing so fast! (Excuse the awful teacher broom skirt with her undies hanging out the top. She was a retired pre-school teacher and you could tell!!)

This is Chloe's new trick... we've been saying this A LOT the last week. She even claps when Levi says it. :)

YouTube Video

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Video Dump...

I'm going to be doing a few video dumps to make sure the videos on my phone never get lost! It's getting full and I don't want to lose anything! These are not in any sort of order. I'm just kind of doing the ones that tug on my heart as I go. :)

Row, Row, Row...

YouTube Video

Sweet Shenanigans...

YouTube Video

Sweet sibling interactions :)

YouTube Video

Levi saying bubble for the first time

YouTube Video

Some of his first steps

YouTube Video

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Rangers fun day!

We've been wanting to go to a Rangers game for a while now, but our schedule is surprisingly busy. Plus, it's kind of hard for us to go to the 7 pm game because our kids are used to going to bed at 8. We decided to skip church this Wednesday and go have a fun day at the ballpark! Levi is really into baseball right now since we go watch Nafan (Levi-ism) and Braeden play, and he plays at home with Daddy all the time!

My 3 favorite Rangers fans!!

I of course had to find Chloe a fancy outfit for the season! Aren't they adorable??

I even made her shorts. :) My sewing skills are snuffing up pretty nice!

It was way sunny and pretty toasty but we still had a great time!

They hit 2 home runs in the first inning so we got to see fireworks right off the bat! Levi yells home run all the time at home so it was pretty fun to get to do it for real!

This wasn't their first rangers game, it was actually their second. Levi's 3rd if you count the one at Angels stadium we went to. We went last year in August or September and while it was great to see all the family, we didn't get to watch much baseball. There was no where for me to feed Chloe and it rained so we didn't stay very long. Look at how much she's changed in just a few months!?!?! She will probably always have a fancy Rangers outfit!!

I took Chloe out in the hall to cool off a bit and this sweet little old lady asked me if I wanted her to take our picture. You can tell it was toasty!!

Don't judge me. Yes, she's on the ground at the ballpark. Daddy had her extremely shaded and she was tired of being held!

Home run!! He also says "wing an a misssssss!" It's really hilarious.

We made it through 6 innings, which I thought was excellent! We did valet because we knew they'd be pooped. Turns for a Lexus! Sweet surprise! It's a good thing too because Levi crashed out before we left the premises with a half eaten nutri-grain bar in his hand. Poor thing!

Once he got a good nap in the car (Chloe didn't sleep because she slept part of the game in my arms) so we headed to get snow cones back in Gainesville.


Chloe wasn't so sure at first, but she was begging for more not too long after!

I love snow cones and I love my Levi!

He was a mess...but man am I blessed or what???

We came home, had a quick bite of supper and then had time for some family golf. Which is NOT easy or fast with 2 kids. Chloe was cool with this method for a little while...we'd just sit her down while we hit.

But then she got angry and didn't want to sit in the grass anymore. We happened to be right by Nana and Grandpa's so we dumped her off and played one more hole.

This was by far one of the most fun days ever! I LOVE getting to do things like this with just our little family of 4!

"Let's go Ran-ers!" (Another Levi-ism that has been repeated A LOT the last 2 days, haha!)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chloe is 11 months!

I'm a few days late, but better late than never! Our sweet girl is approaching one much too quickly!! Here's a little about what she's up to these days....
She's INCREDIBLY hard to catch being still for a picture! She's not walking yet, but she's allllll over the place! She has 4 sweet little teeth now. Two of which she cut within days of each other. Teething has been much harder on her than it was on Levi. :(

She had a bad bout with allergies last week (hence the swollen puffy eyes) and I ended up taking her to the doctor. She was SOOOO cranky! All they sent us home with was a script for antibiotic eye drops because her eyes seemed to be infected from all the running they'd been doing. Her ears were clear. She wasn't sleeping good at all which is totally not like her. She's still not usually thrilled to get in her bed, but goes to sleep quickly. She was waking up a few hours after she'd go to sleep and wouldn't go to sleep without being rocked. Anyone who knows me knows I don't give into those shenanigans easily, so you know it was pretty bad! She also wasn't eating very good. She's gotten a little pickier, not necessarily eating EVERYTHING we put in front of her. But she still eats quite a few veggies, and the girl can PUT AWAY the protein!! She hasn't turned down a meat yet. So different from her big bro!! She also love fruit and yogurt and has recently discovered the beauty of cheese. (She didn't get that from her mama...I'm not a cheese fan.)

She started saying "uh oh!" recently and last night she blew kisses for the first time at Nana and Grandpa! I haven't been able to get her to do it again but she did it for them very clearly and a bunch of times!
(Here they are on our way to church on her 11 month birthday.) She LOVES the church nursery by the way. She always makes a fool out of me. I'll say "oh she's been fussy today!" Then she leaps into Maria's arm and is happy as a lark!! On Sunday I was kind of worried because she'd been so cranky. There's a sweet old couple who volunteer in the nursery and they just adore her!! We see them in the grocery store often as well. :) When they asked about her during church I gave them the story about how miserable she'd been all week....lo and behold she was grinning from ear to ear with them when we picked her up after Sunday School.

She laughs at Levi more and more each day. I literally stop in my tracks and watch them when they're playing sweet together. I'm so grateful I get to see those moments! We can usually find her in Levi's room pulling out all the blocks, puzzles or books. She just loves all the racket of pulling things out of their tubs!

To celebrate her almost birthday, and Levi's half birthday we got them a Power Wheels! We've wanted to get them one for a while, but we thought we'd wait for nicer weather and until Chloe could ride with him. Chloe doesn't much care for it though! haha. She's happy for just a couple of minutes and then she starts screaming because she usually hits her head with his jerky driving. (It does have seatbelts, but look how sweet he's holding on to her!)

She does NOT like to have her diaper changed. That's way too much sitting still! And she still throws quite the fit when you take something from her! She's getting better about handing something over to me when I ask nicely. But today she cried big ole crocodile tears because I took something from her so I could pay for it at Walmart!

She plays this sweet little game with Daddy where they jerk their heads away from each other and then back looking at each other. It's too cute! She also loves to play peek a boo with Levi. She tries to pull the blanket in front of her head and it's adorable! She also pretends to talk on her phone. :)

Chloe Grace, I can't believe the next Chloe post I do will be your first birthday. Where on earth did the year go?? You're such a beautiful little girl and you are such an amazing blessing to our family! We love you!!
I thought I'd throw in a few Levi-isms....
Ere it is!!!!! - there it is
Mine Ball! (or cup, or fork, or car, or whatever else he wants)
Lay down me (this one just kills me every time! He means "with" me)
Wide a new tuck - (he says that a lot now! He LOVES the power wheels!)
attempting to sing his abcs....and getting really good!
dink a bar (drink of water)
nilk (milk)
doin maMA?? He reallllllly accents the last syllable when he says this!
run a bases! - and as he does it he yells 1st base! second base! second base! HOOOOME RUN! Sometime he gets all the bases in there, but not usually. :)
He repeats anything, so it's pretty hilarious to hear what he comes up with!!
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I am so incredibly blessed to be the mother of these two gorgeous children. I'm still in awe God lets me do it!!! I pray I can help mold their minds into to Godly people and in a way that his pleasing to Him!

A little collage of the last 3 mother's days. I was obviously hiding my gigantic belly last year! haha! And after our wonderful photoshoot on Saturday, this is the best I could get from them. :) That's my life right now!

Levi and Chloe, I love you more than you will ever know! You make being a Mommy the GREATEST job on earth!!

We had a little dinner at our house to celebrate and the ladies did NO work whatsoever!! Now that's a gift right there! I freaked everybody out after dinner. We have this stupid cottonwood tree in our back yard that is making us all miserable. Well I sneezed and it hurt INCREDIBLY bad....then I passed out. Super strange, I'm totally fine. I felt fine right before and was fine afterwards. My dad and brother are notorious for passing out when they're sick so I guess it's just in the blood. I just wanted to make sure no one made me do dishes. hahahaha! Kidding. But I didn't have to do dishes! :)

We're also incredibly blessed to have 2 wonderful mothers ourselves!! We love you Nana and Mimi!!!
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cousin Date!

Last week we went to pick up Brielle and spend a little time with her while her Momma had to do the 3 hour glucose test. Levi and Chloe were super excited!!

First, we went to Joann's to pick up some fabric that I had ordered and a couple of other small things. (They were fantastic in Joann's btw!!) Next, we hit up Chick-Fil-A. Brielle was so sweet....I had told them we were going to eat at CFA earlier. When we pulled up she said "Where's Chick-Fil-A?" I parked facing away from the building so I just thought she couldn't see it. I unsnapped her from the car seat and said "see, right there!" She responded with "That's not where Trent works!!!" HAHA, she thought we were going to Chicken E!!! So sweet! (She once stated that Chicken E was where Trent lived. :))

Anyway....after they ate they went to play and they looked SOOOOO big! Just ran around playing and laughing together!

Sissy had to stay with boring ole' mom! The kid ate like 4 chicken nuggets!!

Then we went to a little playground near by. It was a really nice park, but there was a field trip there. The older kids scared me so we didn't stay long. I used to work with those kids...I know they're not nice to little ones.

They were satisfied though, they got to do all they wanted to I think. :)

I was a little nervous to have all 3 by myself, but Levi and Brielle are both so well behaved so it was pretty easy! It did take me 10 minutes to load and unload the car each time. Haha!

This morning we had some pictures taken for Chloe's first birthday. I CANNOT believe her birthday is so close! As Tiffy seems like we were just living in a hotel! hahahaha! So true...I have no clue how she could possibly be almost 1 already!

I'm obsessed with this little chalkboard. I bought it for Chloe's party, but I used it for the Fiesta last weekend and then for pics this morning. I can't wait to see how they turned out! She was pretty serious, but Levi was extremely cooperative!! So much so that we took him to get ice cream at 9:45 am when we were done. (He through a hissy fit in Braum's of course.)

This afternoon I handed out tea and water at the Chamber golf tournament. Those tiny specks are Team Chicken Express!

I told Levi I missed him when I got home. About an hour later he looked up at me and said "Mom miss you!" I seriously almost cried. He is the sweetest! Then I had to snap a pic of Chloe because she cracks me up!! She's always either sleeping EXACTLY like this, or on her tummy with her booty in the air.

And here's one of my and my Mommy 2 years ago in Budapest. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! All I can think about this Mother's Day is how in just a few short years our kiddos will be adults. I'm sure our parents all feel like we were JUST 2!!!

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