Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas #1 - Coleman

Friday evening (the 21st - also Cameron's birthday) we had a birthday/Christmas celebration with Trent's Dad's family.

See....I told you those wipes were her fave!

She has gotten some wonderful wear out of this adorable outfit given to her by our Batesie's!

TIffy!!!! Both of our kids adore her. :)

Uncle Brent helping Levi torture the cat! Uncle Brent always plays fun games like that with him. :)

Another example of her busy-ness. She played with the door handle! haha

It didn't take him long to figure out this gift opening stuff! He got LOTS of goodies!

Giving out hugs!

Danny, Brent, Levi, Trent, Teresa, Cameron, Brian, Danielle, Emily, Chloe, Carson, and Grandma Coleman

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Chloe is 6 months!

I actually didn't get Chloe's picture in her bed like I usually do on her birthdays :( She had her 6 month check up on the 19th and this picture was taken on the 16th so it's pretty close. We left the next day for Amarillo so I was preoccupied with packing.

She weighed 13 lb 12 oz (10th percentile!) She's still tiny! She's also in the 10th percentile for height but the 25th for her head. What big brains you have Chloe! Her growth curves look great and she's perfectly healthy! She was TICKED about the shots this time. She'd had a snotty nose for a couple of days before her check up and when we got there I noticed she had a little rash on her back. The doctor said it was more than likely some sort of virus. I think she was right, she ran a 102 fever that night. I know they can sometimes run fever after immunizations, but 102 is a little high for that. She only wanted to snuggle with me that day, she did NOT want me to put her down. Her fever was still over 100 when we got to Amarillo the next day but she seemed to be doing ok and we still had a wonderful Christmas with Daddy's family! (On a good note...I managed both kids by myself through a doctors visit! Levi is SUCH a well behaved little boy most of the time! Give him a 97 cent car and he's all good.)

She's starting to sit up really well! She much prefers sitting up to laying down at all times! Don't you dare try to make her sit in a way that she can't see her brother! She's also getting into more and more solids. So far we've done pears, carrots, prunes and peas. Much to my shock...she gobbled up the peas today at lunch! Levi never would touch them, and I can't say I blame him. Ick. Hopefully Chloe will be more of a veggie eater. She's so busy with her hands these days. If you put anything in her reach she will get it and destroy watch out! She loves things that make noise. The wipe package is her fave! It makes the coolest noise (said no mom or dad ever!) She loves all her new toys she got for Christmas and Levi loves some of them too. :) The lessons on sharing have begun. He doesn't like for her to get his toys, but he thinks it's ok to take her toy right out of her hands! Not cool brother.

I can't believe our little angel is 6 months old already. I'm soooooo thankful to get to be at home with them and cherish these days when they are so tiny!

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Monday, December 17, 2012


I don't even think Levi saw Santa at all his first Christmas (he was only 2 months old.) Last year he screamed bloody murder. I'm not about paying out the wazoo for an assembly line of screaming children being rushed to take pictures. The VFD out here at Lake Kiowa brings Santa to your house! Nana had him stop by so all the grandkids could see him together.

We worked really hard before hand to get the lighting right for the picture spot. haha. This is the best we could do.

Just chillin with her Grandpa. :)

The older boys didn't know what was happening, they just told them they had a surprise. The fire truck pulled up and honked it's siren!

Levi and Braeden checking him out!

Nathan gladly hopped in his lap and told him what he wanted. I cannot believe he's this BIG!!!

Braeden told Santa he wanted some Santa pants and boots. hahahaha the kid LOVES costumes!

Levi looked at us like "really??? do I have to?"

We've come a long way from last year ok...

"Alright....I guess I will"

hahaha this cracks me up. Why do we do this as parents? Force them to take pictures with a man they are TERRIFIED of! Chloe really wasn't too scared. She handled it pretty well!

Sweet brothers!

Chloe even snuggled up to him at the end!

Lucas looked at him like he was nuts! haha

Then we headed outside to look around in Santa's firetruck. (He parked his sleigh and reindeer at the firehouse.)

Love this one!

And if that doesn't melt your're not human!

They even got to climb up in the truck and look around! Levi turned around and told Trent " 'mon Dad!" He wants his dad to go everywhere with him!

SOOOOO much better than the mall!
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We met Landon, Diana and Brielle at the Gaylord Texan a couple of weeks ago to see the ICE! exhibit. I thought Levi would like it because it was Merry Madagascar and he has watched MANY a Madagascar movie while he does breathing treatments. :) (side note...I feel like we successfully avoided an asthma attack last week by paying attention to the weather and a little snotty nose. Hopefully we can keep things under control that way!)

I found this awesome hat at Target a few weeks ago and thought he needed to match Daddy for the winter!

The hotel is decorated so beautifully. I L.O.V.E. Christmas decorations and when they're enormous I think it's even better!

Levi loved this train! He loved it so much that he boohooed when we left because he didn't want to leave it. haha.

Sweet little cousins waiting to go in! Brielle is SO sweet and motherly to Levi. Several times through the day she grabbed his hand and led him wherever we were going. He's still 2 and needs some direction you know!

We were herded like cattle into this giant room to watch a video before they let us in. At the end is snowed on us!

I picture jacked this one from fboo. Diana's way better at taking pictures of people than I am! I love her so much and am so glad we are close and get to hang out more!

They totally threw me off my game when they said I couldn't take the stroller in! It was much harder carrying Chloe through it, but it was really crowded so the stroller might have been equally miserable.

For the record, the teacher in me is DISGUSTED at how many people have put on those dang parkas before us. Can you say LICE??

Brielle's face here cracks me up!

Levi had his typical very serious face, but he was so enjoying that he got to see all the Madagascar peeps!

This was a huge ice slide. Trent was kind and patient enough to go with him and wait in that line. It was so hard to get pictures because it was crowded! I had Chloe in my arms so Diana took pics of Levi coming down.

He was not sure of it at first but was very proud of himself at the end!

Dad's turn!

Mesmerized by the giant Santa boots!

Tia Diana got some big ole' grins out of our sweet darlin!!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Zone....

I bought a groupon waaaaaay back in August for go karts in Lewisville. Every time we've planned to go Levi has gotten sick. Well we FINALLY got to go the first weekend in December. My nephews were pretty pumped that we finally got to do it! It was kind of a bummer because Levi couldn't ride them, but he did get to play putt putt. You can imagine the melt downs when his Daddy, Uncle Steve and his big cousins all got to get on and he didn't. :( We tried to pacify him with some games inside...but he's no dummy. I didn't take too many pictures because it was windy so Kristie and I hung out inside quite bit with the babies.

Nathan is only a LITTLE BIT (sarcasm intended) competitive. I know this pic is blurry, but you can make out the expression on his face and how excited he is that he is beating Braeden. haha Braeden could really care less, he's just there to have a good time!

ANd here's Braeden beating Nathan! The look on Nathan's face here was a little less thrilled. :)

Oddly enough this place is just a couple of miles away from Landon and Diana's new house. They actually went on a date to the same place later that night and saw our faces on the racing game we played inside with Levi. Pretty hilarious! What a small world!
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