Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Home town visit!

Wow I've been terrible about updating lately! The weather has been pretty nice here so we've been out doing things, plus our computer decided to go haywire so I've been making sure all of our pictures and videos are backed up just in case!

Here are just a few snapshots of our every day life. This little boy brings us such JOY! He is really gaining a lot of personality and keeps us laughing at all times!
 These cups keep him really occupied while I cook! He'll go get them out of the pantry, sit down and stack and unstack over and over. Sweet thing!

 This is one of our new favorite things to do. I saw it on Pinterest and of course you can get like 15 glow sticks for a dollar at Target! It's really hard to get a picture of though, we turn the lights all the way off but the flash on the camera makes it look like they're on.
 We flew to Midland a couple of weeks ago for a visit to our beloved Batesies. I haven't seen any of them since August and that is TOOOOOOO long! Here's Gage in his sweet outdoor stroll gear. :)

 It was kind of cold and rainy, but when we got a chance we took them for a quick stroll in the wagon.

 I'll spare you from all 97 Cheeto pictures I took. It was HILARIOUS! Levi hadn't ever had Cheetos before but Gage shared with him. He quickly figured out how much he loved them! Also....excuse the terrible hair. I am definitely aware that he needs a hair cut but he acts like you're trying to murder him when you cut his hair so I'm putting it off.

 Precious grin and beautiful blue eyes!!
 "Hey man, you said you let me have some so I'm taking them ALL!"

 Let me tell ya bout my best friend :)

 Sunday it was pretty chilly, but sunny! We decided we'd use the West Texas wind to fly a kite! Then we remembered how much we hate West Texas wind!
 Crazy kite flew into the shed!
 "Here man! I'll push you!"

 Then it was off to the park! Levi has recently really gotten into the park! We take him after school to our neighborhood park if it's nice and he loves to slide! He looks so big, he can scoot himself down all by himself, climb up the stairs to get to the top (with us behind him of course!) I'm still in awe of how fast they change!
 Race time!!!

 Gage was fascinated with the rocks! It was hilarious....he was diving and swimming in them!
 You can see such differences in their personalities already! Gage is a daredevil in the making. He is not afraid to do anything! I swear he would have just walked into that pond if we'd let him. Levi, on the other hand is very cautious with almost everything he does.
 Love these two! I can't wait to see them grow up together!
We had such a great and relaxing time. I know Crane is a teeny tiny town with nothing in it....but it's still home and I still love to visit. Eat some delicious mexican food of course and chill with my other family. They're not blood....but they're most definitely FAMILY!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

15 months!!!

It's so hard to believe our sweet little blessing is already 15 months old. Every day brings new challenges and even more smiles than the last! And's even more hard to believe that there will be 2 tiny faces in our house in just a few short months!

We went to the doctor Friday afternoon for his 15 month checkup and everything looked great! It feels like we've been to our pediatrician's office a million times in the last couple of months, really just 3 between his 12 month visit and now. That's a lot for our normally very healthy boy! He's extremely long for his age and pretty normal for his weight. 

Levi has started saying "gone gone!" and turning his palms up in the air. It is one of the cutest things I've evern seen and makes my heart smile every time!! He's also started shaking his head yes when you ask him questions he understands. As much as I don't want him to get any bigger, I do look forward to the day when he can communicate better! He has definitely started throwing some fits! We joke that there's actually some parenting involved now, but it's true.

These pictures are from some church friends house. Their twin boys were turning 4!! Complete with a zip line, trampoline, basketball court, train rides and an amazing breakfast buffet! It was a great party and this family does SO much to bless other people lives, we were thrilled to help them celebrate.

 Get some berries from Daddy.

 These are from the photographer at the party. What a cool idea! He even had a portrait backdrop set up in their house and they emailed them to us!
 The photographer was totally in love with Tifanie! I mean...who could blame him!!

Uncle Brent and Tifanie came down for the weekend and we had a blast! We just chilled most of the day on  Saturday and then went to the horse races that night. Levi did pretty well considering the races don't start until 7. We weren't able to stay for that many of them, but it was a fun time!