Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vegas Baby! And Walking!!!

Trent and I had such a wonderful time in Vegas for our 5th anniversary! It was soooooo weird going through the airport Friday night! I was panicked the whole time because I kept thinking "there is NO way we are getting on this plane with ONLY my purse!!!" It was odd to have no baby bag, no stroller, no BABY! This was the first time we've left him overnight.....much less 4!! It was so wonderful to get away and spend some time alone though. We missed Levi like crazy but we enjoyed it so much!

Saturday morning we walked, and walked, and walked. It always looks so close in Vegas! I was dying to go to the Titanic exhibit. It will be there for 10 should definitely go if this stuff interests you and you're in Vegas! I knew Trent wasn't interested so he gambled while I went through the exhibit. I was sure missing you Holly! I needed my nerdy friend for this! No pictures inside of course.

 Last time we were there, Aria and City Center weren't quite finished. It was so cool inside!
 We stayed at Planet Hollywood and really liked it! It's very centrally located and everything is PINK AND SPARKLY INSDIE!!
We of course had to go see the floral exhibit at the Bellagio, it's always a treat!

 Trent enjoying a nice brew. I, the pregnant lady, indulged in coca cola and candy!
 We had dinner in Margaritaville one night. We've eaten there once before but we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!
Our boat table. :)

 The next night we had dinner at the Sugar Factory! Y.U.M. IS ALL I CAN SAY! And they had some delicious drinks that I WILL be trying next time we're there. Assuming I'm not pregnant, again. 
 It's in a perfect location, you can sit outside under heaters and watch the waters at the Bellagio. This was on our way to see Mystere. AMAZING!!! 
 We also did a Gondola ride at the Venetian, so cool!
 Beautiful tree outside Venetian!
 And THIS was in our room! CREEPY!!! It scared the bageezus out of me when we first walked in. How am I supposed to get any sleep with this thing here? The plaque said it was the actual costume used in the movie. Real or not, it was life size and on a mannequin. Not exactly my style of decoration!
Levi took 8 steps Thursday night before we left. We were just totally still and sat and watched and enjoyed it! Mom and Dad said he would take 5 or 6 steps at a time throughout the weekend, well as of today he is all over the place! Jeannie told me when I picked him up today that he walked a lot, boy was she right! I haven't quite figured out how to add videos from my iphone yet...but hopefully soon!

I know Nana and Grandpa had a blast keeping Levi. I'm pretty sure he had a blast too because Tuesday morning when Trent brought him down he looked at me like "oh, hey mom, you're back." 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving and Santa! oh and some more BIG NEWS!

Of course I haven't had time to update lately. :( I miss my maternity leave days.

Here's Levi picking out his Christmas presents in front of Nana's tree.

 We went to the Tech game on Saturday. Rain or Shine....we are Red Raiders!! haha. Thank goodness it was indoors or we would not have been able to go. It was FREEZING and we had to bundle Levi up just to get inside the stadium!
 Uncle Brent showing Levi the ropes

 Goin Band from Raiderland!! Missed you Holly!!!
Levi playing with golf clubs for the first's only a matter of time.
 Nathan and Braeden are ALWAYS wrestling!!! Levi just jumped right in and tried to wrestle with them.
 Oh these two....NEVER a dull moment! They will keep you laughing alllll day!

Here's our tree. It's from my phone and all the decorations on the mantle weren't done. They are now, just not when this pic was taken.
 Another phone pic, not a good one of me but look at that grin!! He was loving the Red Raiders!
 And of course our first trip to see Santa ended up like this....
 Classic! Luckily, it was at a school and we had to beg them to take our money because we weren't eating breakfast. I wasn't about to stand in line for hours and pay 30 bucks for this screaming kid picture! haha.
 And this my friends, is how Houston kids do snow. hahaha. So funny. This was a part of the "Breakfast with Santa" thing. They brought in snow (that was ice by 9 am) and all the kids enjoyed throwing it at each other.
 Daddy showing Levi snow for the first time!

And our big news....we're having another baby!!!! I realize that most people who read this blog know that already. But we finally made it to 12 weeks, 13 almost now. So far everything is good. My tummy was a little more weird this time around during the first trimester, but other than that I feel fine. Just the normal exhaustion but hopefully that will be ending soon. 

Trent and I are off to Vegas this weekend to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. I can't believe how fast it's gone! And what a blessed 5 years it has been!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Levi is ONE!!!

It is so hard to believe it's been a whole year since this precious child entered our lives. We prayed for a child, were blessed with one, and had NO clue how blessed we really were!!! He has been such an amazing baby, the number of "miserable" nights he's given us we can count on one hand. 

Family started arriving on Thursday evening and then it was a fun packed weekend!!

Friday night we went out for some delicious Mexican food with Mimi, Grandpa Lin, Grams, Pops, Nana and Grandpa.

 Steve and Kristie got in late Friday night so bright and early we had donuts. (Notice Braeden is in his soccer uniform. The kid things he needs to be dressed in some "uniform" at any point!)
 Nathan with his 2 new permanent teeth. :)
 And now begins the details of the party. If you don't care about the details....stop reading now. :) Just a couple of his toys. Our house was NOT over run with toys until last weekend! And to think....Christmas is less than 2 months away, agh!

 I made picture frames for each month of his life, they're propped up with Dr. Seuss books.
 Levi's smash cake, decorated by his Mama and Aunt Kristie!
 The "Who Cakes"

 Excuse the mirror shot...should have thought about that before I set up!
 Each food item had it's own little Dr. Seuss name...
 Party favors...

 Snack Table...

 Luckily all the grandmother's were here to do the fruit would have taken me days!

 And these ADORABLE kicks his Aunt Batesie sent him!!! I'm not usually a converse type of girl...but this are precious!

 Some of Levi's party guests...

 He knows where to go to get a snack!

 Sweet Izzy

 Getting ready to dig in to his cake!
 Mom! Hurry!!!
 Happy Birthday to You!!!
 He started by slowly digging his finger into the icing...
 which quickly turned into this.....

 and not too long after, this......

 Yup....he got the idea of the "smash" cake!
 All the month frames on the bar...and Mimi and Grandpa Lin snacking!
 His little buggy from Grandma Batesie!
 All the big boys enjoyed football outside, it was a gorgeous day!
 Birthday welcome wreath..
 Grams and Pops
 Levi and his Grandpa! It looks like he's blowing kisses, but he's not. :)
Thank you so much to everyone who came to share this wonderful day with us. Levi is so loved and we feel blessed to have so many people loving and supporting our baby!

It took him a couple of days to adjust after such a busy weekend, AND the time change! What was I thinking?!?