Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quick Trip to the Zoo

Kristie and I took a quick little trip to the zoo this morning. We haven't been in a while and Levi loves it!

Checking out the zebras and giraffes. And one REALLY annoying bird.

This little guy was hilarious!! Look how he's eating the grass?!?! Check out the knees on him!

Lucas started out so serious!!

Levi growled at every animal. I guess he thought he was going to scare them into moving. Here they were all 3 growling at them! Because of course Sissy has to do EVERYTHING Levi does!

Such sweet little buddies!!!

Levi was actually incredibly brave and fed the goats! Who are very aggressive I might add.

Lucas and Chloe weren't too sure....

Then they got brave a few times....and then they weren't. It was like they said "Ok, we did it. Now let's go."

Chloe was pushing the stroller when she stopped DEAD in her tracks. The buffalo freaked her out a little! He was putting on kind of a show, rolling around and such.

What is that mom?!?!

Fun morning with our sweet family!

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