Friday, March 29, 2013

Always amazed...

These kids amaze me. I don't know how two beings as adorable as Levi and Chloe belong in our house! God is good is all I can say!
This one is growing like a week and thinks she's 2 already.

And this one is potty trained!?!?!

(He found some of those capsules that grow into creatures under the bathroom counter. They were leftover from my treasure box at school and I knew he'd enjoy them some day. haha)
When we started this adventure a week ago, I didn't really have any expectations. After peeing in his pants 7 times in about 3 clicked! He's only had two tee tee accident since then. One at church and the other when he woke up wet after a nap. (Which actually probably means he was awake and I didn't catch it before he peed.) Pooping has been a little more of a challenge, as I think it is with every kid. But we're going on 4 days now with no accidents. I'm SO incredibly proud of him!! He's gotten to the point now where I trust him. If he says he needs to go...he probably does. If he doesn't tell me he needs to go, then he probably doesn't. We enticed him with m&ms and a big ole silly tee tee dance....but he's over that already! So big! (He does still sleep in a diaper at night.)

He's been really into measuring things lately. He carries around his little tape measure and wants me to measure his head, tummy, arm, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...(you get the picture?)

We had a really fun day today! We drove down to meet some of my aunts/uncles/cousins after a golf tournament they play in on Good Friday each year. It was so great to get to catch up a little!!

We've had such CRAPPY weather since spring started. It's disgusting actually....but we made good use a bad weather day and made some Easter cookies. :) (Excuse Chloe's awful look. She had some virus that made her run a REALLY high fever one day, a small one for a few more, and an AWFUL snotty nose for a week! Evidently it made its way on over to Levi because today when we got home his temp was 102.6)

I attempted my first pillowcase dress for Chloe a few days ago. I didn't have a pattern, I just kind of guessed based on a dress of hers. turned out like a doll dress. I decided to try again and this one was MUCH better! I think I would like it better if I'd made the top tie out of fabric...but that cutting on the bias thing is for the birds!!! Plus this is made out of a fat quarter bundle so I probably wouldn't have had enough fabric. I hope this one goes over her head!!

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Chloe is 9 months!

Well I'm over a week late...but it's been a busy week!

She had her 9 month check up last Thursday and she's just perfect!

She now weighs 17lb. (29%) She looks like a chunk but she's still pretty tiny!
She is 27 inches long (25%)
She has 2 teeth on the bottom

I was a little concerned about her eye because I thought it might be turning in a little. Dr. Torrie says that this is the age to catch it because it can easily be corrected. She did a whole bunch of testing on her eye and said there are no abnormalities at all. Because the bridge of their nose is still so wide at this age, she said it's a common concern.

She pulls up on EVERYTHING! Within a week of crawling she was pulling up. She would get very angry when she pulled up and then couldn't get where she wanted to go. Luckily, yesterday she figured out how to sit herself back down without falling.

I think she's going to be our mischievous one! She's already tried to crawl up the stairs, she DARTS to the tv cabinet to pull out all the DVDs if the door is open.

She is very dramatic! When I see her start to head toward somewhere she's not supposed to be (the dog food...) I'll go and close the door. She'll stop crawling, sit up, look me straight in the eye and then scream. I have to try really hard not to laugh!

She has also become quite the giggle box! Her little laugh is the sweetest sound in the world!

She still sleeps wonderfully at night, though she recently went through a little stage where she thought she was way too cool for morning naps. I guess she's decided Mommy is really smart and knows that they're important because she's been taking good ones again. :)

She LOVES to eat! And she's not afraid to tell you about it! She's very good with her fingers and is much more open to trying different textures than her brother ever was.

She still growls at us often....most precious little roar I've ever heard! She still says "da da da da" real sweet and soft and then growls "ma ma ma ma." I'm not sure why that is?!?! She doesn't really "call" either of us, they're just sounds.

I adore getting her dressed every day. She's the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen and I cannot wait to see the wonderful woman God will make her! We love you sweet girl!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mimi Visits and a Car Show

Mimi came to visit last weekend while she was on spring break! It was so nice to have her all to ourselves and just have a relaxing weekend!

Chloe thought her car racing was HILARIOUS!

Levi kept complaining about his thumb...I thought he has a splinter but I don't think so. After a good scrubbing and a lot of kisses, it was all better.

The weather was absolutely beautiful! We have a few projects on our lists so we took advantage of the weather and got a couple done! I've been wanting to paint our porch swing. The view from our back yard is amazing (I've heard that before) and we spend a lot of time back there. I love watching Levi play and I know Chloe will be joining him soon. It's such a happy spot that I thought it needed to look much cuter.

I haven't gotten the fabric to recover the cushion yet, but it's coming.

Sweet piggy tails jumping!

Saturday Trent wanted to go to a car show/swap meet at Texas Motor Speedway. Anyone who's known me a long time knows that cars are NOT my thing. I couldn't care less. BUT....I married a man who LOVES THEM, and we produced a precious little boy who loves them just as much! Levi was in HEAVEN!

Crawling inside the old ambulance...

This little diva got quite a bit of attention herself. I mean really....have you seen anything this cute ever?!?!

This picture melted my heart! When I showed Trent, after he oogled over Levi, he said "That's a sweet car!" I don't even think I noticed the car...just look at him putting his hand on his dad's shoulder!

Mimi says this is the one Lin can buy her!!!

We dropped Mimi off at the airport on Sunday and Levi is still saying "Mimi plane, ride plane." Anytime he hears a plane or plays with his airplanes, he thinks it's Mimi's plane. :)

Another project on the list was Trent painting the letters on the tires of the golf cart. Anyone who hasn't been to Lake Kiowa is probably thinking we're nuts. Well...these peeps are SERIOUS about their golf carts out here! It's pretty funny! They're more of a way of transportation than just a golf cart. Since my brother and parents both live out here, this is how we travel to anyones house when it's not too cold. (The old cart actually had a full enclosure that allowed us to use it even in the cold. Since we just got this one, we'll wait until the fall to get one.) We also take it to the playground/beach area, the Kiowa Store, and to get a haircut!

Chloe is now pulling up on everything, including her crib. She kept knocking down the camera so I moved it to the other side of her crib where she couldn't reach it. She wasn't too thrilled with me!

She turned 9 months old yesterday!! (I'll do that post later) She also got her first french braid! I love little girls with french braids! They're so fancy looking and they keep all that hair in place! It's very difficult to braid a 9 month olds hair, hopefully we'll get better! I put her on the bathroom counter with PLENTY of things for her to play with in an attempt to get her still enough to do this. We still wiggled A LOT!

And last but not least, I decided to attempt potty training again. I started when he woke up at 3 from his nap. We went through 7 pair of underwear...BUT by the end of the night we had 4 successful potty trips!!! I'm praying we can get it this time! If not....he's not even 2.5, it'll be alright.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fish fry!!

I apologize for the short, choppy posts but my App is doing something really weird. There's some picture that I'm trying to post that is causing problems so I'm splitting up one post into like 5!

Last week Jim and Susan called to tell Trent that the fish were biting. He took Levi down there for a little while and he was SO excited!!! He ran in the door telling me that he held a fish! (It was actually just a minnow but he was really excited) He kept saying "Dim, Soodin fish!"

The next day they decided a fish fry was in order. Since he was still talking about them fishing, we told him we were going to eat the fish. Then he kept saying "eat fish!" I told Trent, yeah right....he won't touch it! Well I was wrong! He had so much fun watching them cook and then he actually ate some!

*I just discovered the culprit...the picture of Levi helping fry the fish won't post!?!?!*

Chloe even ate some fish! I didn't let her have too much because it was a first for her, but she liked it!

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Crazy kiddos!

We got a part to our golf cart last week and it came in this huge box. Chloe of course thought it was her personal toy!

Redneck playpen....we don't have to worry about her getting splinters or falling off the porch!

Way too cool for school. (We made it a point to buy Chloe some girl sunglasses so she doesn't have to wear Levi's anymore.)

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Just hanging out...

Mom and I went back to Ardmore one day last week to check out the progress (and the local shops.) They were digging the holes (20 ft. deep) for the concrete pillars that will go under the foundation.

Levi, Nana and Chloe actually sat in the car and watched the construction while I went into Hobby Lobby and Bath & Body Works. He talked about it all night long!

My little (E.T. lookalike?) construction man!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holly Finally Visits!!!

One of the things I was most excited about with this move was that I would only be an hour from Holly! Well....she works too much and I never get to see her. :( BUT she is done working her really long hours and came for a visit last night!

Before she came, I put Chloe in this adorable romper to try and get a good picture. It was too big last summer, but I'm afraid she won't fit in it this summer so I really wanted her to wear it!!

Our photo shoot didn't exactly go as planned of course.... I did get one really good one.

This is what happened when I told my two male assistants to make her smile haha.

This is not a good picture, but I think it captures how much they love each other. He really wanted to be in the picture and then she wouldn't look at me because she was crawling all over him!

Again...bugging him. :)

"what can I get into now mom??"

She loves the nebulizer cord. She chews on it the whole time she takes a breathing treatment! Make it pretty easy though!

Chloe has been really interested in Levi's airplane. He wasn't real into her being on it until he figured out he could push her! Then it was fun!!!

We drove over to Ernesto's to have a yummy dinner with Holly!

She's 5 months pregnant with her first baby boy and you can hardly tell!!

We had such a wonderful time catching up and talking about babies!!

Hopefully now that she's done working such crazy hours we can see her more often! We love you Holly!!

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