Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Weekend of Celebrations!

Saturday night we helped Neera celebrate Diwali! Diwali is the Hindu New Year.
 Levi looked so handsome in his little sweater!
 Here's the hostess with the mostest! This is Neera, she is my teammate at school and by far the sweetest person you will EVER meet! She is from India and I love to learn about her culture!

This is Layla, another teammate of mine's daughter.
 Neera's beautiful granddaughter and great niece, all decked out in their Indian gear!
 On Diwali, it's tradition to turn all your lights on and gamble all night long so that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth will stop by your house. Here's Levi gettin in on some of the action!

Sunday we took Levi to the Halloween party at The Little Gym! I'm not sure if we're going to take him trick or treating with the rest of the neighborhood kids tomorrow. We all know who will be eating all that candy, and it won't be the 2 boys that live in my house! I think we'll wait another year when he gets a little more excited about it. He is definitely the most handsome little golfer I've ever seen though! 

 We almost forgot our clubs!
 We usually go to The Little Gym on Saturday mornings. Levi is not always that active and we've wondered if it's because it's normally his nap time, or if he's just really that much of a people watcher. Well after this afternoon, we know it's the time! He was all over that gym and loved every minute of it! I'm so glad we decided to take him!!

 Pulled a duck right out of that bucket!
 Slam dunk with mom!

 Sometimes we have to entice him to crawl over the obstacles, but today he didn't need any persuasion!
 Here he is with his friend Ryan, he's in our class!
 Ryan was so over the costume!
 He made it to the top of this thing pretty much by himself 3 or 4 times!!

 And hung on the bars by himself!!

We had such a wonderful weekend! Now it's busy busy busy until the big party next weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Last couple of weeks...

Once again, I apologize for not posting enough. :( I was home sick for 2 days with a poor little boy who was really sick! His babysitter (who we LOVE! What an answered prayer!) called me on my class room phone on Wednesday to let me know she thought he needed to go to the doctor because his cough had gotten significantly worse. He was having a hard time breathing and wasn't acting like himself. When I picked him up I panicked. He sounded awful, he looked awful and all I wanted to do was hold him. Of course I couldn't do that because I had to drive through stupid traffic to get him to the doc. Luckily I get off before rush hour gets too bad. There was no diagnosis really but he was definitely having a hard time breathing. They gave him a breathing treatment and since he responded well, sent us home. I spent the next 2 days giving him an inhaler (that involved pinning him down with my knees) every 4 hours. Not cool. So thankful the sweet boy is better now!

He's getting pretty brave with his standing these days. He still won't walk anywhere without holding on, but he's starting to figure out that he can stand up. Yikes!

There he is with that thumb and blanket! My own little Linus!

Dad snapped this one during nap time on Saturday....

while Mom did this. Bleh. Made myself a few bucks though! And got rid of quite a bit of junk!
Can I just say that I L.O.V.E. iCloud?!?! All of these were taken on my new fancy iPhone. No plugging in or are automatically on my pc!! Wahoo!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little October...

Not a whole lot has been going on around our house, just normal every day life filled with so much joy! I found Levi like this other day while I was doing dishes. :)

Are those not the cutest jammies you've ever seen???

 Oh this is my favorite!!!! I shouldn't like it so much....but how can you not! Levi's cousin, Braeden (4), still looks exactly like this when he's sleepy! Anytime Levi sees that blanket he crawls over to it, grabs his thumb, and lays down. It's too sweet!

 Yesterday, Levi attended his first birthday party!! And not only one...but 2!!! This one was at Pump It Up, the little boy was turning 4. Levi was a little young for it and was VERY unsure of those giant bounce houses. Mom and Dad has a good time though!

 Then it was off to Izzy's first birthday! Izzy's parents are good friends of ours from college and they are about 2 weeks apart!
 They were skyping in her grandparents and Levi kept trying to get the computer. He thought it was HIS grandparents on the computer! haha
 Here's the birthday girl!

It was a very busy day! We all went straight to bed when we got home!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

11 months!

Happy 11 month birthday to our sweet baby!!

We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend at home. In order to celebrate this wonderful occasion, Levi got....... a flu shot! Poor baby. :(

It's late and I can't remember all of the new things he's doing, but he just lights up each and every day in this house! I can't believe in less than one month he will be one year old!