Monday, April 25, 2011

Christ is Risen!!!

What a wonderful holiday! I'm so greatful for the sacrifice God made for each and every one of us and thankful to know that we can have eternal life!

We celebrated with a whole bunch of Hawkins peeps! We left Thursday afternoon and drove to Weatherford to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bub's house. Friday morning the fam all played in a golf tournament. Most of the day was mass chaos....but I loved every minute of it! I miss seeing my cousins at Christmas and Thanksgiving like the old days, so these get together make me a very happy girl!

Sean playing with Levi. He and Brent were both so good with him!! (Sean and Brent belong to my cousin Samantha.)

Before I start I'll give you the shake down of who belongs to who in case you aren't familiar with all the Hawkins clan. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bub (mom's brother) were the hosts for this get together. Samantha (cousin) and Craig have 2 boys, Brent and Sean. Shelle (cousin) and
Cory have Carly and Devin. Matthew (cousin) and Jennifer have 3 girls, Ava, Audrey and Addison.

Finally hanging out with cousin Shelle!!

And some cousin Samantha fun!

These are just a couple of snap shots of everyone visiting. That's Aunt Debbie, our hostest with the mostest, in the blue shirt.

I love this picture of Carly and Ava with their water guns!

And Ava even got Trent too :)

This was hilarious! They were all climbing up and down the stairs inside those tunnels. I think there were like 6 of them in there at a time! Isn't Carly gorgeous?!? Looks just like her momma!Just a few of the hunters getting ready for the 300 eggs we hid. Samantha got a little egg happy! hahah, the kids LOVED it though!

Devin and Carly, Sean and Brent, and obviously not a Hawkins kid in the aggie clothes in the back :) (He belongs to my Aunt Debbie's nephew.)

Levi, Grandpa and Momma

Let the hunting begin! Matthew trying to steer Audrey in the right direction.

Grandpa helping Levi pick up his first Easter egg! He couldn't quite grab it but he tried soooo hard! It was a football egg of course. :)

Some very special people in my life!

Grandpa taking Levi and Devin on a golf cart ride. Evidently the golf cart is Devin's favorite thing! This was shortly before he tried to drive it off himself! haha. He's 2 :)

Nana and Levi playing at Rosa's. He must be so happy that his Momma got to eat there! Mom and Dad's friends Jim and Susan came too so Jim could play in the golf tournament. I had a blast visiting with mom and Susan on Friday morning.We got up early Saturday morning (well let's face it...we always get up early now) and drove to Gainesville. Mom and Dad were very eager to show us Store #3 in Ada, OK so we drove some more. The store looks awesome and should open up at the end of May! The Nelsons are very busy people these days!

And finally...the only picture of our little Easter bunny on his first Easter! He snoozed through the service, go figure! Mom and Dad go to early church so it was prime napping time for Mr. Levi. He sure looked handsome though! (So did his dad who's holding him!)

Uncle Roy and Bea also stopped by Sunday after church, they had been camping not too far away and were on their way home!

We missed Steve and Kristie this time because they went to spend Easter with Mawmaw and Papa in Crane. We had a blast but it sure wore on Levi. He had really bad allergies all weekend and was MAD by the time we got to the Woodlands on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say after all that driving he had had ENOUGH of that car seat!

And now some Levi updates that I want to remember. :)

He is sitting up really well these days! He's even started to catch himself when he loses his balance.

He's still sleeping wonderfully, going down at 8 and sleeping until 6:30.

He only rolls over from his tummy to back, he still HATES being on his tummy.

He gets very excited when it's time to eat!

He's really discovering his voice. This afternoon he yelled for about 30 minutes when we got home. Not because he was mad, it just sounded like he was talking VERY LOUD.

He has started to grab Gunner's hair already. When he's sitting up and Gunner comes over to him he starts laughing and reaching for him. I see some snapping and crying in our future.

He still loves bath time. No matter how cranky he is, the minute he hears that water running he's smiling! We can't skip bath at all or he doesn't want to go to sleep.

I keep thinking he's about to get a tooth but so far nothing has popped through. He sure has all the signs, but who knows.

He is the most laid back baby I've ever seen. He goes with the flow and 90% of the time is smiling and laughing. His grin just melts my heart!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BIG weekend in the Coleman house!

This weekend we got Levi's first haircut and we also did his dedication at church! I was a little sad to cut his hair, but he was starting to look like a hobo child. He looks sooooo handsome now and he looks like a little boy! Here is Levi waiting on his haircut. Daddy taking some pre-haircut pics
One with Mommy

Looks like such a big boy with his cape!
It was so long on this side that when we pulled it down straight it was all the way to the bottom of his ear lobe!!!
He was such a good boy! He got just a little fussy in the middle, but considering he's never heard any of those noises he did fantastic!

He looks like such a big boy now! And the next person that calls him a girl is going to see the wrath of his Mother!
We did a little swimming in the pool in our back yard. Trent was very against getting one of these pools, but once he saw Levi splashing in it he was A-ok with it! I compromised and bought the inflatable one and had to agree to pick it up every time we use it so we don't get a dead grass circle or a family of mosquitos in the back yard. :)
Gunner wanted in on the fun of course
So adorable!!!
And last but CERTAINLY not least, his dedication at church! God has blessed us with this amazing little boy, and I hope we can raise him in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. I am so thankful for a husband who will be such a fantastic role model to Levi and I hope the Lord prepares us to handle all the challenges of parenting with grace. This is absolutely the greatest gift we have ever received and we thank our Heavenly Father every day for him! We go to a very large church and funny enough there were only 2 babies today. Usually there is about 10-15 when they do dedications...but Levi and one other little boy got to be in the spotlight.
7 weeks of school left!!! Last week was very rough. I work in a very large district, but they cut 550 jobs in 3 days. My heart is heavy for a dear friend of mine who lost her job. I know the Lord has a different plan for her but I pray that he gives her peace and patience through this rough patch. There aren't too many jobs which terminate your position, then require you to come to work for another 7 weeks with a smile on your face. It takes a huge person to do that, one who genuinely cares about the kids.

4 day work week, then off to DFW for family game night!! Last time my cousin hosted we had to miss it because of work, I boohooed like a baby. I'm so excited we get to make it this time! Then we'll have Easter with my parents. I'm hoping the Easter bunny doesn't send too much chocolate to Levi because mommy's squishy midsection doesn't need it! (That's a not-so-subtle hint for Levi's Grandparents!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Levi's first camping trip...

Ah I love Texas! This weekend we headed to Lake Whitney. We met my parents, Steve, Kristie, Nathan and Braeden for a little birthday celebration for the boys. I cannot believe they are turning 6 and 4!! Levi's first camper bath...and mom's first time bathing him without his tub. He enjoyed it, but it was definitely a 2 man job! He still doesn't sit on his own so he was wobbling all over the place.

The boys had a baseball game Friday night so they didn't get there til late. After we put Levi down, we played a fun game of poker with my parents. Trent learned where I get my ideas about running out of poker chips. He learned when Haylea and Chase were here that I NEVER run out of chips. Evidently neither does Nana. :)

Yowza! We forgot his hair brush. :) This weekend is the big haircut!
Nathan scaring the wits outta me with that chair on the bench.
Levi and his cousins! They're usually the ones not interested in pics...but it was Levi this time.
Then it was off to Dinosaur Valley for a picnic. Nathan has been studying dinosaurs and fossils in school so he was super excited!
Who me? What do you mean I'm not supposed to be inside the ropes? Stinker.
Daddy and Levi about to do some wading.
Handsome Nathan.
Witty Braeden.
Precious Levi.

Nathan and his first gun!
Braeden and his "rocker star" costume. He was much more excited than this picture shows!!

The sweetest picture with Grandpa!!! And Grandpa makes him look super white!!
Alright mom, I'm getting sleepy.
We rode with Steve and Kristie and really enjoyed visiting with them, we don't get to do it often enough!

Seriously....start the car or I'm gonna have a meltdown!

Braeden was explaining to Levi that if he took all his spikes off that his rocker star costume really wasn't that scary.
And the best part of camping....SMORES!!!!

Ironically, when Steve and the boys went to shower Saturday night they ran into.....Matthew! Matthew is our cousin. He and his family were there camping with some friends. What a small world!

Saturday morning we decided to take a little stroll over to see them.
Sweet kicks.
Levi and Addison. She is Matthew and Jennifer's 3rd little girl and she and Levi are only about 2 months apart. Last time we saw them was Grandma's funeral when Levi was only 2 weeks old so we were glad to get to visit for a few minutes!
Daddy and Levi with their crooked hats. :)

We packed up and headed home pretty early because all the boys wanted to be home to watch the Master's. I was glad, when we go on these little weekend trips I like to be home kind of early to get ready for the week. The baby sitter told me when I picked him up today he was pretty rotten all day. I don't even have to tell her when we've spent the weekend with either of his grandparents! She knows!