Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The last couple of days...

This girl keeps us on our toes!

She cleared all the pictures off the sofa table so that she could sit on it, while listening to music, talking on the phone and tapping her leg. Can you tell she's looking at her Daddy here?

We went to hang out with Aunt Holly and her sweet fam!

Look at that sweet grin!!!!!! Baby Collin is 3 months old already!!

Sunday we celebrated Nana's birthday!

Chloe's favorite game to play with Grandpa!

Braeden had already melted my (and everyone else's) heart that morning at church. He was sitting down and Chloe went running straight for him! He picked her up and sat her in her lap. All the ladies were just oohing and aahhing over them. Then at Nana's he picked her up, put her on the couch and started reading a book to her! He's so sweet!

Today was the highlight of the week! The firemen came to the library for story time!! Usually he's quiet and shy, but today he walked right in and started talking tot he firemen.

We were early today, for once. When they started reading, Levi was talking and telling them what was going on in the picture. That is SO unlike him. It's just recently that he's even agreed to sit on the carpet without me.

Chloe, who is usually right in the middle of the action, was NOT thrilled about the firemen!

She LOVES to sing the morning song, but she was way too close to those big scary men today. Haha.

She got trapped in the circle and couldn't get out fast enough!

She was perfectly content in my lap today.

Then the firemen showed them all the gear they wear in a fire! Notice...neither of my kids wanted any part in this!

Hahahaha...Levi was really concerned.

Lucas is getting a little closer look.

I guess he'll go get a little closer with Aunt Kristie!

From the moment we walked in the door, he asked them to see the firetruck. You can only imagine how pumped he was to get to sit in it!!!

And Sparky came too!

Notice how he and Lucas are keeping their distance...

My little buddy...

It was incredibly hard to get him to take this picture...then he went and sat right in front of Lucas!

Lucas and Levi showing us how to stop, drop and roll. Or in Levi's terms "Strop and roooooooo!"

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