Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Weekend Part 2!

Last Sunday, we said our goodbyes to the Batesies and then went to meet Uncle Brent and Tiffy! Brent had to work in Dallas on Monday so Tiffy came with him and stopped for the day on her way back to Amarillo. We were going to attempt the State Fair, but of course the traffic was terrible before we ever even got onto I30. We decided against it since it looked like it was going to rain. So....we went to the Dallas World Aquarium instead! Seeing the excitement on the kids faces never gets old. I could do this every day! Though it would be quite expensive...

First up was the otters! Tiffy took Chloe nice and close!

And Uncle Brent took Levi to get a closer look and watch them eat!

Hanging on real tight!

Here Sissy...come see!

Then we stopped to feed the little birds some blueberries.

The sloths were just hanging out in the tree. Uncle Brent wanted to get him a closer look, but he wasn't too thrilled with it! Haha!

Finding Nemo!!

Little daredevil wanting to go swimming with the penguins.

Just watching...

Next was the jaguar!! So cool! But the kids were very hesitant!

Sissy found a fish in the gift shop that she LOVED! She wouldn't let it go! We got Levi a Finding Nemo sticker book...best 8 bucks we've ever spent! He LOVED it!! He would sit at the table and concentrate so hard and he amazed me with what he could do!! We will most definitely be getting more of those!

On our way out, there were carriages waiting. This beautiful horse had her sparkly red shoes on!!!

Hanging out with Uncle Brent and Tiffy is always a blast. We were super glad we got to spend the day with them!

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