Thursday, October 17, 2013


We had an action packed weekend!

We started off with Depot Days. We'd told Levi the week before we were going to take him to see the race cars and it didn't happen. We REALLY wanted to squeeze this in before we headed south! He was THRILLED of course!! I think Daddy liked it too. :)

Look how many cars there were!?! Like 3 blocks full on both sides!

Then we headed down to the Great Wolf Lodge for some water fun with the Batesies. We listened to the Tech game on the way. Levi is already a big Red Raider fan!!

YouTube Video

They were having Halloween festivities at GWL. All the kids got to wear their costumes, go trick or treating, and listen to a special Halloween story time.

Our little pig and farmer!

Oh this crew....never a dull moment for sure! (Probably the funniest was getting Haylea on the Howlin' Tornado. She doesn't ride ANYTHING. Hands down the funniest thing I've seen in a while!)

Coco wasn't real sure about that hat!

Levi and Gage are best fwends. They're the sweetest, most fun, most energetic little duo!

Here they are at the start of trick or treating!

Shelly came prepared!! She and Lauren had the best (and only hahahaha) adult costumes! They got lots of stares!

Chloe really just wanted to turn around and stare at them...not take a picture with them!

Then we got all snuggly in our jammies for story time.

Sweet kiddos! That's Audrey flying in the background?

And this was our view..... I was so mad at that lady!! Who stands up in the MIDDLE of a crowd with a giant stroller??? I kind of felt bad for a minute when I noticed she was real pregnant. And then I didn't...because I've been pregnant twice and it does not give you a reason to be totally inconsiderate. Maybe a little inconsiderate...but not totally!!

We had a blast with the Bates clan of course, even though it was just a quick visit! Gage and Levi talk about each other all the time now. The older they get, the more fun it is to get them together! We can't wait to go back and take Audrey and Chloe to the little ice cream spa!

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