Monday, April 30, 2012

Children's Museum, 33 weeks and a shower...

We decided to take Levi to the Children's Museum this past weekend since he will be 18 months old tomorrow!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone! I wasn't sure how much he'd enjoy the museum, I thought he might still be too "little." Boy was I wrong!

 Helping Dad build a bridge...

 He of course spotted the car immediately and had to get in, Dad wasn't too sad. :)
 Not sure whose idea it was to put golf balls all over the museum but it wasn't a good one! Golf balls are one of Levi's favorite toys and he loves to throw them. By the end of the trip we actually had him doing some of what he was supposed to be doing with them, instead of throwing every one he got his hands on.
 Here he is learning how to roll a ball, much different than throwing! It was hard for him, but he tried really hard!!

 Outside they have this huge water works area, he loved that of course. He was pretty much soaked by the time we were done. :)
 I wish I would have been on the other side of him during this....he was so shocked and thrilled that he was getting splashed!
 Had to make mom a nervous wreck by licking his hands of course....

 "Uh Dad...those are NOT playground rules!"
 Daddy wanted to treat him to some ice cream after the water works. :)
 They have an entire floor called Tot Spot which is amazing for kids his age!! We could really relax and just let him do whatever he wanted in there.

 And one of his favorites of the day....the ball pit!

 Even the big kid stuff intrigued him because there were LOTS of buttons for him to push.
 And Dad's favorite...the Invention Convention. They have tons of stuff set up that the kids can build and then experiment with. Dad had to launch his paper airplane of course :)

I'm 33 weeks now and feeling ready to meet this little girl! I feel like she's a lot lower than Levi was. With Levi I couldn't ever breathe because he was always up in my ribs, she's definitely not giving me that problem yet. I see my doctor again next week and then it's time for weekly visits! I can't believe it. Though when I think about still having just a little over six weeks to go, it kind of feels like a long time. My mom has almost finished her bedding and it's pretty much killing me that it's not all set up. I'm so excited about her furniture! It's already come in but we haven't picked it up yet because of the house being on the market. All we have is a closet full of adorable girly things just waiting for her! It will be like Christmas for me when I finally get to decorate the nursery!!

These incredibly sweet ladies from church threw me a small diaper shower after church on Sunday. It was a wonderful time just having lunch with some fantastic girls and getting to catch up!
 The two gorgeous hostesses....Cori and Summers!!
 These girls have all been such a blessing to us over the last almost 5 years! I still can't believe we've been in Houston that long!
We only have 5 weeks of school left (counting this week) and I am SOOOOOO ready to be done. My patience is always pretty short this time of year, but being super pregnant is not helping!! I bite my tongue daily from saying what is actually running through my head. :) I love my students....but any teacher knows they do some pretty ridiculous stuff this time of year.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

He is Risen! And blessed our family with another life!

We were already planning on going to Gainesville for Easter because Nathan and Braeden were going to have their birthday party before their new brother got here. However....God had different plans! Our new nephew, Lucas Elijah Nelson, was born on April 3rd! We are so thankful that he arrived safely and he and his mommy are home and recovering great!

Trent, Dad, Steve and Jim played in a golf tournament on Friday while I headed on to Gainesville to meet the new addition!

Proud Daddy, big brother Braeden, and baby Lucas!

A lot of boys I love on that couch!!
 Friday night we finally got to watch Braeden play T-ball. We haven't ever gotten to watch either of them play so I was very excited.

 Levi learning all about T-ball
 Braeden hit a home run!
 Levi couldn't wait to go explore after the game
 I had to make festive Easter eggs of course...plain white deviled eggs would never do to celebrate the Resurrection!
 Saturday, the lodge at Lake Kiowa had an Easter egg hunt.

 Levi was way more interested in the dogs haha!

 Beautiful view! This made me really anxious for the changes that are coming in our life!

 All the kids! Hannah is Kristie's niece, they all had a blast!
 And here's the newest tiny member!!
 Since Kristie wouldn't have been able to make the originally planned birthday party, we had just a little family one at Steve and Kristie's on Saturday. The boys got an Xbox and new TV for their room....definitely excited!

 Levi was grinning as they sang...I guess he thought it was his brithday! haha
 Then we did an egg hunt at the house. Excuse the white trash baby....he was absolutely in heaven playing outside with the boys all day. His adorable polo outfit got removed about half way through the day because I feared it would no longer have knees in it. :)

 And look at that handsome Easter outfit! He's soooooo big now!

 Getting some aunt snuggles before we left Sunday morning!
Chloe update: I'm 31 weeks now! Crazy! I saw the doctor today and everything looks great. She's measuring right where she should be so she may not be late after all. I am feeling very large now though! I don't really understand weight gain is almost exactly like it was with Levi but I feel like I'm HUGE! Oh well...we have a healthy, growing girl and that's all that matters! She reminds me often that she's in there, she moves A LOT. I can't wait to meet her sweet face!! Holding Lucas made me even more anxious for her to be here!!