Sunday, January 22, 2012

A baby GIRL and a sick (again!) baby boy

Wow!! What a roller coaster week it's been around here!!! Wednesday morning was the big day....when we would find out if we were blessed with a baby boy or girl! Since my appointment was in the morning I was planning on taking Levi to the sitter a little late. He was having quite a bit of trouble breathing and was coughing a bit but he was playing and acting just fine. I gave him his inhaler and took him to the sitter. I headed off to my appointment where I found out we're having a GIRL!!! I was shocked and sooooo excited! Trent didn't go because he wanted to be surprised. She looks healthy and it was so exciting seeing her sweet little hands and feet wiggle around! I called to check on Levi a little later and he was doing ok, he wouldn't eat or drink anything but wasn't too miserable. I picked him up after school and we headed home to tell Daddy he is going to have a little girl!

 As you can tell, he quickly got more and more miserable. The inhaler wasn't working and he wouldn't eat or drink anything. :( Daddy is pretty excited though to find out what's in that bag!
 He spotted a feather!!!!
 I think he's already realizing he's going to have to match hair accessories to outfits! Levi looks less than thrilled for a sister..but really it's just because he doesn't feel good.
 We are so very excited and feel incredibly BLESSED that God has chosen to let us be parents of both genders!! Our excitement was quickly curbed by a miserably sick baby. By 9:00 we were loaded up and about to go to the ER because he started the barking cough and we knew it was probably croup. We talked to the on call doctor at our pediatricians office and he told us not to go unless we felt REALLY uncomfortable. Fortunately for us, no matter how sick Levi is, he seems to sleep well. He slept all night that night but Trent stayed home with him on Thursday and took him to the doctor. Sure enough, a little croup. They said it probably traveled from his head to his throat (remember he just had an ear infection last week!) They gave him a steroid shot and he got to hang out with Daddy all day, which of course made him ecstatic!
 Then by Thursday night, this was our smiley boy! Even still today he doesn't feel 100%, but he's getting better every day.

 Sunday we got the car washed. He was SO serious watching those cars!!!
And I've done a little crafting this weekend...just a few bows to start our collection!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our week....

Well to start it off here is a baby bump picture. I'm 18.5 weeks now! I can't believe how fast it's going by! I also can't believe how pregnant I look already seeing as how as I haven't gained anymore weight than this point with my last pregnancy. Oh well...grow baby grow!!
 This was last Sunday at the grocery store, it's hard to believe he's this happy when he's sick! I'm pretty sure this was right around the time his first ear infection was settling in. :(
 We knew he wasn't acting like himself Sunday afternoon but he wasn't running a fever on Monday morning so we went ahead and went about our normal routine. About 3 o'clock Ms. Jeannie called me and said he was running a fever. I L.O.V.E. our pediatrician here. They always leave room open at the end of the day for sick babies so I have never had trouble getting him in after work. I left work as quick as I could and headed to get him. I didn't plan on taking him that afternoon until I noticed that he had green goop in his eye. He got some insect bites of some sort the Thursday night before right on his temple. (you can kind of see them in this picture.) I didn't know if all of this was related to the bites but he was BURNING up so I immediately called the doc and they said come on! Since we have no clue what bit him, there's no way of knowing if all of this is related to the bites or not but his left ear was definitely infected. We feel very blessed that he didn't get an ear infection until 14 months but it still isn't any fun! By the time we left the doc, got dinner, and medicine it was 7 when we got home. This was him by 7:20. I honestly think it's been over a year since he slept in my arms. We started very young putting him down and letting him put himself to sleep, so I sat on the couch and enjoyed this for a while!
 We had a blast on Tuesday! Since we got to start the antibiotics on Monday night, he already felt great Tuesday morning. He went back to Ms. Jeannie's on Wednesday. He figured out how to drink out of his straw sippys finally!
 I don't remember what night this was but we were laughing hysterically!! Trent was doing P90X and Levi was trying to jump up and down and exercise like Daddy. Then he would go get my giant jug of water and get a drink. It was hilarious!
 Saturday we headed out for some errands. Of course the boys needed to play at Academy. :)
 Picking out his putter.
Despite the minor sickness, we had a good week!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Levi Update and Our First Day at the Park!

I haven't really updated on just Levi's progress in a while. I'm not sure how I've managed to update this thing 2 days in a row, but hey I'll take it! He is ALLLLL over the place and all boy!! The germophobe mom in me hadn't come out really until last week when he spent some time with his cousins. (Luckily, he thinks it's a blast to wash his hands!) Well, I realized it's because we haven't really done much outside that we had to worry about because he just started walking! It's been almost a month since he took his first steps, but it's only in the last 2 weeks that he has just absolutely taken off. He doesn't crawl at all anymore! So....I took him to the park yesterday because it was GORGEOUS outside! He's still pretty little to enjoy a lot of it, but he had a blast on the slide and pushing his car.

He talks a lot, and says quite a few words that we understand. One of which is "baby." He'll be whistlin' a different tune in 23 more weeks! He also says, hi and bye bye on command. It's really adorable! I had to take him with me to a function at school tonight and of course as soon as our principal got up to talk and the room was completely quiet, he yelled "BYE BYE!" as he waved. Ironically enough, we were having this function because our principal is leaving! Haha! I'm sure it wasn't as loud to anyone else as it was me. :) We loved hearing him saying "ho, ho, ho!" during Christmas. He acts like he's talking on the phone and says "eh-whoa!" One day I though, Uh oh he's getting an ear infection! (*knocks on wood*...we haven't had one of those yet!) Nope...he was just pretending to hold the phone! haha

He loves to dance, he's almost always happy, and absolutely makes us laugh hysterically every night. As I type this, I'm watching him play with Daddy. This is my favorite time of day! He's fed, happy and loves playing with mom and dad!

He loves to do our night time routine. He loves his bath, brushing his teeth, playing while we read a book and is always eager to get in his bed. Usually by the time we're done saying our prayers, he's flipped over on his belly with his booty in the air, sucking his thumb and holding his blue blanket. I'm so thankful he's such a good baby!

Hopefully I can update more in 2012!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a blessed Christmas!

I am so thankful that our God sent His son to this earth for us. There is no other time of year that is more joyful than Christmas!!! We were very blessed again this year, I have a feeling each year is going to be more fun.

First are a few pics of my tree for my mom's friend ya go! I like to call it "Seusstacular, with a hint of Mom."

 Our journey through Texas began with a quick stop over night at Nana and Grandpa's. Levi snuggled with Nana a little before we headed of to Mimi's!!
 We got to Amarillo on the 23rd and surprised everyone! Trent is just terrible at surprises! He almost ruined it, but I think we shocked Mimi and Grams and Pops at least!!! Levi quickly realized the train around Mimi's tree. It took him a while to warm up to it, but he liked it a lot by the end of our time there!

 Christmas Eve we hung out at Brian and Danielle's. I can't believe how big Carson looks here!
 And Cameron was so good with Levi!! Trying on his hat....
 This picture cracks me up, he just propped up against Tifanie and made himself at home while he enjoyed some milk. He didn't eat ANYTHING for 2 days so I was glad he was at least drinking milk. I guess he was just out of his element and surrounded by people he doesn't see often. A LOT of people!!

 These are Carson's drums but Levi had a blast playing with them!!
 Then it was back to Mimi's to get an nestled in bed so Santa could come! We put cookies and milk out to make sure he had a snack when he stopped by. This is what he left Levi!! A perfectly SMALL stocking for the 1 yr old! haha! We are totally not into unnecessary junk.
Daddy helping Levi look through his stocking! It's Buzz Lightyear and Cars that light up! Both a hit!

 Opening his gifts from Mimi!
 Then we had to get all bundled up because it was C.O.L.D!
 Santa dropped a few things off over at Brian and Danielle's too!
 Somebody got into one of Santa's leftover cookies!! I couldn't believe he just walked over, shoved it in his mouth and went on about his business!

 It started to snow that morning about 10, we took Levi out in it for just a few minutes. Luckily it wasn't windy so we could actually enjoy it

 It ended up snowing about 4 inches on Christmas day! What a wonderful white Christmas! Here are my handsome fellas ready for Christmas dinner at Gram and Pops!
 Levi's awesome sweater was given to him by his Tia Diana last year!
 Levi and Brielle playing, Levi's still a little young to entertain her I think.
 The kids table.
 Brent opening his gift that I put in a very special box for him. :)
 Just chillin with Pops.
 Sweet little Gann babies!
 They slept through the gift exchange so they had to open theirs when they woke up.

 It's Tia Diana! She doesn't know I'm serious, but I will be sending Levi to stay with her for a week during all summers for "Spanish Camp." :)
 Relaxing with Mimi. By this point he was POOPED, quiet as a mouse!
 And I had to put this adorable little snow suit on him while we were there because I got it for like 3 bucks last year and I knew he'd only need it in Amarillo!
Then it was time for GAMES! We have proof: it is possible to finish a game of Phase 10 and I won!! We had a blast!!

I had a nice day of shopping with Diana on Tuesday before we headed out on Wednesday. Then it was off to the mass chaos that is The Nelson Family. Levi and his 2 cousins. Kristie found out that she's having another boy! If our new baby is a boy...Nelson family get togethers are going to require helmet and full pads.
Let the madness begin!
 Levi was so intrigued watching Nathan and Braeden open their gifts.

 That's Braeden's army man costume helmet, Levi put it on all by himself!
 This picture is only funny if you know how much my brother truly hates Gunner. :) I guess there is some love deep down inside there somewhere Uncle Steve!!
And Levi learning how to use golf clubs for the first time. The rule around the Nelsons is "you walk, you learn to swing a club!"
 Braeden was crying in the corner so Levi was going to check on him. He gets very concerned when people cry.
 The "big" boys got to play a round of golf on Saturday and Levi joined for a couple of holes.

 hmmm....I think I'll check out this sand trap mom!!!
Game night with the Nelson side.
And this, my friends, is how we traveled home. People often think Trent is "mean" because he says he'd rather have gifts to Levi's 529 or he says things like "if you a buy a toy you take a toy." But you think we had room for even another OUNCE of cargo??

 And I saved the best for last... a lot of the very important people in my life in one picture! If only we had Steve and Kristie on that green too!
It was such a wonderful Christmas! I was not ready to come back to Houston and start our "normal" lives, but I guess it had to end at some point. Thank you to all our family for making each holiday so incredibly special! We are so grateful to have such wonderful families on both sides!!!