Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall is here!!!

Since October is here, we have been doing lots of fall ish snacks and activities! We're learning the letter P of course, for "punkin." And last week we made spiders (with oreos and pretzels) and these fun little snacks!

Levi took it SO seriously! It took him like 10 minutes to unwrap 6 hugs. One of those times when I really have to push away that "hurry" mode and embrace the fact that he wanted to help SO much and took pride in it!!

They watched very closely as the hugs melted....

Then we topped with candy corn! I have to say that the version of these that include a kiss and an m&m are MUCH better than this one.....but how festive?!?!

Sissy enjoyed too!!!

She's such a little monkey! She climbs on everything. One day last week I was doing some laundry and Levi said "Cwoe posed to be on dat!!!" We often say to him "Levi, are you supposed to be doing that?" So he'll tell us "I posed to be doing dat!" Even if he knows he's probably not! When he said it...I knew she was up to no good. Found her grinning from ear to ear on the TV cabinet!

On Monday, Levi "worked" with me. He probably sat in that chair and colored on that paper for a good 15 minutes!! That's a really long time for him!

Oh, and I promise my child really does wear pants! It's just that he pretty much goes potty by himself these days so he doesn't always get his pants back up, so he just takes them off. OR the fact that it's 50 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon....sometimes we just shed our clothes instead of changing. Haha...lazy on my part, I know.

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