Monday, January 28, 2013

Perot Museum

Kristie had the idea to take the kids to the new Perot Museum in Dallas. Trent and I had seen it being built while we traveled from Houston to Dallas for a while but didn't know what it was. The building has very distinct architecture!

Of course there were like 9 million field trips there when we got there, but from my teacher days I knew they'd have to be leaving around 2 -2:30 ish!

We didn't even make it in the museum for the boys found some entertainment. Giant xylophones.

Nathan with the dinosaur at the entrance.

First up was the Sports Exhibit. They had this area where you could throw a ball and then you could watch it back in slow motion. Pretty cool for these sports enthusiasts!

Levi watching their replays...

Then we headed to the "How It Was Built" exhibit. This museum hasn't been open very long and there are definitely a few kinks to be worked out...

Check out those big, beautiful eyes!

hence this falling off the wall!

I love to watch him explore new things!

Sister just hung out in the stroller. :) Kicking off her uggs a few times of course.

Next up was the Children's museum area. It was kind of small but really cool! There was a little market and the boys played in there forever! Sorting groceries, shopping, putting them in the truck, then sorting again.

Checking out the inside of the log...

Look what I found popping out of the ground!

This LED wall was really cool! When you got close to it, it lit up. Kristie and I got a good kick out of Levi trying to imitate the boys. They'd run and throw themselves at the wall, then Levi would attempt. Hilarious!

Kristie and her boys went to watch a movie there, it was an hour long so I decided just to take Levi back to the children's area.

First we played in the water table. There were some not nice boys there. I really hope I can teach our kids to enjoy things all while being kind and thoughtful of others. I know they're 2, but you have to start teaching them young or they won't learn!!

I told him to turn around so I could take his picture and he plopped himself right down on the wet step!

He played on this miniature Dallas playground forever!

colored a little...

built a few things...

then went back up the rock wall to slide some more!

We explored some more things after their movie.

Of course Levi went nuts over the car!

We took this picture just for Daddy!

What a fun day exploring with our cousins!

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