Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas #3

Christmas Eve has always been the BIG get together on my side of the family. We eat nothing but junk food and open all our presents!

Nana with her 5 grand babies!

I love this one bc Lucas and Chloe are looking at each other like "hey....what's wrong with these people?" Levi has his typical look. Hahaha it's so funny! He's actually cooperative now when I say "go stand over there and let me take your picture!" He'll go, turn around, then give me the same serious face!

All of the, we're so excited!

Levi got a train set that he ADORES! He always plays with one at Mimi's so he was super excited.

Chloe was excited about her new toys too!

I had been soooooo excited about making "grinch punch." We'll the store didn't have like sherbet, only rainbow so it looked like puke. Braeden drank it though!

These hats were hilarious, they sing and light up and the top of it wags back and forth.

Levi got light up "Roff" slippers!

Most favorite all time picture of my daddy!

Levi we very interested but a little scared!

Hahaha they couldn't look at the camera bc they were staring at daddy!

Christmas Day was just nice and relaxing. We played games, played with new toys, and napped in the snowy weather!

Trent took Levi to play in the snow and he did NOT want to come in!

I was taking a picture because I was actually kicking everyone's butt!

Levi BEGGGGGGGED for this toy one day in target, he was so excited! The stupid thing falls odd the wall all the time but I just love watching him play with it!

It was such a wonderful Christmas, but most of all I'm so grateful to have a savior who sacrificed so much for us. I pray in the midst of the holiday madness that our children will learn just how special baby Jesus is!

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