Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas at our house...

Christmas morning we got up to see what Santa brought us!!! He was very good to us!

Santa didn't drink all of his milk or eat all his cookies so Levi quickly finished them off for him.

Ms. Bed head ready for presents!

I had been wanting to get a picture of them in front of the tree all month in their Christmas jams and it just never worked out. Well I got the perfect one on Christmas morning! This is the first time he's held her like that! Aren't they precious?

I wish I could freeze them right here forever!

Then we opened all of our presents to each other! He was very anxious to get in that one!

He BEGGED for this car track one day in target so of course I had to go back and get it for him! He loves it!

He pushes on it too hard and it always falls off the wall. But every time I put it back up he is THRILLED!

Sister sister just waiting for more presents!

This is the first year that we've ever been at our own house on Christmas morning. We've always been traveling. This is also the first year Levi's really gotten into it! It fills my heart with joy to have traditions with just the four of us. Our extended families are INCREDIBLE and we love every minute with them, but I also want them to have wonderful memories with our immediate family!

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