Friday, January 18, 2013

Disney World Part 1

We left on the 1st to travel to Orlando. The kids were actually pretty good on the plane. Levi got real anxious towards the end of the first plane ride but luckily he slept through most of the second leg. Chloe slept through almost all of it! Whew..

Wednesday morning we woke up ready to go to our first character breakfast! Unfortunately Braeden and Lucas were really sick so Steve and Kristie had to stay back the first day. :( Nathan went with us and we had a blast.

So excited to wear her Minnie Mouse bubble! haha (Ok maybe, mom was just really excited to put her in it!)

We stayed at the Art of Animation resort. It's sooooo cool! Our room was Nemo themed, I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the room. Let's just say, you feel like you're right there in the ocean with Nemo and Marlin!

This wall was really cool, it showed the sketches as they started out and then how they ended up in the movies.

Levi was TERRIFIED of the characters the first morning! I know it sounds mean to laugh at him....but really??? If he's scared I'm the first one to run to his rescue, but this was funny.

Chloe was very ready for her morning nap....can you tell?

There was lots of clapping and high fiving and fist bumping to try to get him to relax. He's screaming here, but giving Donald a high five. hahahaha

Then it was off to Magic Kingdom!!! It really is magical!

We had an exciting day of rides (including LOTS of vicious competition on the Buzz Lightyear ride of course.) Then we went back to check on the other Nelson crew, then went back to Magic Kingdom for more fun! I was really nervous about this because my kids are SLEEPERS. They need their naps, and they need to go to bed early. I really wanted to see the Electric Parade but we got their after it started so we could hardly see anything. Levi was pretty out of it anyway, but he did wave at the floats.

Look at that!?!?! BEAUTIFUL!

It was miserably packed this first night. We couldn't get anywhere...especially with a dang double stroller.

Eventually the kids were pooped out so Nana and Grandpa took them back for bed and let us go have some big kid fun. When Levi woke up we found him in his sisters jammies! hahaha This is the first set of 2 piece pjs I've bought her so mom and dad didn't know. Plus it was like 11 when they were putting him to bed. We got a pretty good laugh out of him and his pink jammies!

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