Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas #2

Well, it's been a fabulous 3 weeks! So fabulous I lost our wireless keyboard. Please excuse any typos!

Next up was Christmas with the Gann side! They're always such a hoot!

I love watching these 2 together! Aren't they precious?!?

Mimi decided we would have enchiladas instead of the traditional Christmas dinner and it was DELISH!!

Chloe didn't get any attention at all of course ;)

Pop with 2 of his kiddos!

Mimi is doing her best here to get the anxious little ones to eat SOMETHING!

They had just a few presents to open! Haha

We usually do the whole taking turns thing but Levi and Brielle had so many gifts to open and it was like we set ice cream in front of them and told them they couldn't eat it! We let them go ahead...

Chloe even got in on the action with Tiffy!

Chloe was getting uncle Landon!

Mimi saved this special box just for uncle Brent again this year! (She saves all boxes, but this one is special for Brent!)

Levi was having a blast playing with his Tia!

Then we played a game and the gift was the greatest ever! We all win!!! I can't wait to meet Landon and Diana's sweet new baby in July!

Glowing mama!

Just look at that face?!?

Who knows what Trent is doing here? Hahaha

Snuggling with Mimi!

Then we played a game of battle of the sexes!

This one isn't from Christmas but its just funny. Chloe had just started eating more solids and she was such a wiggle worm! She wasn't quite sturdy enough (she's still pretty wobbly for a high chair) to sit anywhere but her bumbo. Trent was like how am I supposed to feed her?!?!

Another fabulous Christmas "making memories" as pops would say!

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