Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney Part 3

Next up was Hollywood Studios. There's a giant competition between all the boys around here with the Toy Story rides. Needless to say...everyone was gearing up for the big game! haha. We immediately went to get fast passes (which were actually being all used up because it was so crowded!) and then did other stuff until it was our turn for Toy Story.
We played on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground for a while. I actually ended up taking the 3 big boys by myself. Talk about heart attack! I'm sure Nathan and Braeden were thinking I was a very lame aunt because I was making them stay right by my side. There were tons of tunnels and nooks and crannies to lose kids in! Plus, anywhere they go, Levi thinks he needs to go too. Kristie came in a little while after and I was glad to have some extra eyes!
The boys kept saying they were going to go down the "battery" hahaha! Wow that makes me feel old!

3 Musketeers....

Levi actually listens now when I say "go over there and let me take your picture!" As you can tell he hasn't gotten the smiling on command down yet though! haha

Sitting on the giant ant! It even had the little trailer thing on it that they built in the movie.

Then we watched an awesome stunt show! Levi LOOOOOVED THIS! Even though his face doesn't look it. Ha!

Complete with Lightning McQueen!!!

One of the drivers...

Next up was a backlot tour. It was pretty cool!

Sweet Daddy shielding our princess from the sun :)

Where they make princess dresses!!!

Then we saw Mike and Sully!!! Too long of a line to wait for our kid who hates giant characters.

Then we had some much needed lunch that was actually good! My advice to anyone going to Disney is DO A MEAL PLAN. Ours was one quick service meal, one table service and one snack per day and it was PLENTY. Most of the park food was the usual....french fries, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, blah blah blah. This day we actually found some delicious stuff! Plus all those nice restaurants we went to were included. Go Grandpa for knowing how to plan a vacay!
Another dang crowded parade. I didn't see any of this one b/c there were so many people in front of us, but Levi had a good seat. :)

He screamed UUUUUUUUP!!!! When he saw this one coming, he loves that movie!

oh and of course Buzz and Woody!!

Waving at the characters...

Finally at 3:45 (remember we got our fast passes at like 9 am.) we could ride Toy Story! I actually like this one better than the one at Magic Kingdom. I can't remember who won, but I guarantee if you ask a boy from our group they'll be able to tell you!

Kristie and I decided we needed 20,000 bonus points for doing it while holding babies.

That night at dinner Daddy and Levi shared a sweet Mickey Sunday!

Then it was off to Magic Kingdom. It was late....but when in Rome!
First we watched the Electric Parade that I'd wanted to see so bad! It was beautiful!!

Chloe slept through it....and Levi was awake, but not by much!

Then it was off to see Mickey!! Mickey tried so hard to get Levi to cooperate, but you see how well that worked.

Chloe looks like she's ready to party....but don't let her fool you, she's just waking up for a quick stretch! BTW....I'm in LOVE with our double stroller. Best thing ever!

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