Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Randomness...

Well I haven't had a lot of time to update lately...but here are just some random things that have been going on around here.
I went on an organizing palooza because our pantry was driving me NUTS! This house didn't even have a pantry, but we had shelves built in this little "broom closet" that serves as our pantry. When we first moved in, I thought "oh it's not that little!" But evidently that was because we had thrown a ton of stuff away! 7 months later, it seems MUCH smaller. Ha! Here is a before and after shot.... (I got all of the containers at Walmart.) Much better!!

Literally the day after I last posted that Chloe couldn't roll over...she rolled over. She's ALL over the place now! She still doesn't crawl, or really even get on her hands and knees. She tries, but she gets VERY mad that she can't! haha. But she can scoot backwards and turn around to get what she wants!

I've had to start putting her hair in a little pony tail like this to keep the hair out of her eyes. And her bows stay in place much better now!

One day Levi raced all of his cars right under the oven. I kept telling him that I was not going to dig them out. Of course Dad rescued him when he got home and got them all out. Pretty much every day he gets out EVERY car he owns and makes a huge car crash in the kitchen floor. I hate picking them up! He helps, but lets face it...I'm much faster than he is. But I know 18 years from now I'll be dreaming of the days when I had hot wheels all over my floor.

Chloe had to go to the doctor to get her flu booster so we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few more things for Leslie's shower. Evidently I do this when I'm looking and pondering. He would put down whatever he was holding (the blue bucket in this case) cross his arms and say "hmmmmmm." So funny the things they pick up! I did catch myself pondering with my arms crossed...but the hmmmmmm, yeah I don't do that. (At least not out loud.) Now he often does this in the pantry when he's deciding what "nack" he wants.

They are just the sweetest things I've ever seen! After we read a book and said our prayers like this I started to pick Chloe up and he put his arm around her to try and stop me. I seriously almost melted into a puddle! This night Trent hadn't made it home before bed time and for the first time Levi got out of his bed and came in the living room. I immediately said "Levi, it's time to go to sleep. Go back to bed." Oh my, you would have thought I shot his dog! He CRIED!!! A big ole' you-hurt-my-feelers cry. It was so sad!

I despise meal time. Really I do. Levi will go through phases where he eats pretty good. But the majority of the time, this is what it's like. (It's really odd that he wasn't eating apples this day because he love "app-os.") There are days when he eats NOTHING at meals. He snacks really well and pretty healthy. He still loves fruit and yogurt, and he's also started eating quite a few nuts. Pistachios are his new fave.

Miss Piggy however....she clears her plate! (she weighed a whopping 16lb at the doc yesterday!)

We had to go BACK to the doctor yesterday. While we were in Crane she ran a low fever and had green goop in her eyes. She's got a double ear and eye infection. She also got to take her first hit on the nebulizer. (I pray she doesn't have to use it as much as Levi!) She was coughing some too, so the doc wanted us to do Albuterol just to make sure her airways stay open. She sounded pretty rough on Monday and we gave her 2 breathing treatments, but we've only done 1 a day since then and she really hasn't even needed them.

Levi is pretty much a parrot these days! He will try to say almost anything we ask him too. He's pretty good at a lot of them too! I don't know why I thought it was so sweet that he could say Super Bowl, but I thought it was video worthy. :)

YouTube Video

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