Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chloe is 7 months!

I can't believe how fast the last 7 months have gone! I know that life will never slow down...and that makes me really sad!

Our beautiful girl has grown SO much in the last month. She sits up VERY well now! She has her seahorse in the pic with her because she loves to sleep with it! Her night time and nap time necessities are.....regular paci in her mouth, wubbanub in her hands and seahorse playing music (on the opposite side of the crib of course.) She plays with the wubbanub until she goes to sleep and then it's great because when she loses her little paci, she can grab the animal and get the wubbanub in her mouth. She is still sleeping wonderfully, and we still usually have to change her diaper before we go to bed. She pees all the time!

She is the happiest baby and just makes me smile all the time! In the last month she has discovered her jumper. This is a terrible picture because it's early in the morning and dark, but you can see the look on her face! She goes to town! Jumping, jumping, jumping!

She's also quite the little piggy! So far she seems to like most things I give her. Except zucchini, she's not crazy about that. I thought she was refusing peas now but I think it's just because I didn't puree them enough and the texture bothered her. I tried puffs for the first time and she almost choked and scared me to death. But, she's gotten much better with them. I just give her little pieces of them. She sometimes will drink water out of a sippy, but some days she wants NOTHING to do with it.

When she lays on her belly she spins in circles and scoots back wards. She actually somehow manages to scoot on her booty when she's sitting up. I don't know how she does it, and it's very subtle, but all of a sudden she'll be 2 feet from where I left her! I can tell she's starting to think "hey, maybe I can go get that myself!" because she'll lay on her belly and stare at a toy while kicking her feet. She hasn't gone anywhere yet though! Whew! She still doesn't roll from her back to her tummy. I'm pretty sure she could if she really tried. Sometimes I grab her hand and give her a little tiny tug and she'll roll over, but not on her own yet.

She ADORES Levi! She just wants to see him at all times and she giggles with glee when he talks to her or plays with her! The lessons in sharing are most definitely here. He loves her so much and is so sweet to her, but almost always tries to take away anything she grabs of his. I think he'll eventually learn to share, but I'm seeing that my days of referee are not so far away!

Here's Levi at 7.5 months in Vienna. I think they look less and less alike every month. You can definitely see they're siblings, but I think that may just be the dark hair and eyes. (Chloe's are not completely brown yet, the jury's still out on what color they're gonna be! They look dark gray sometimes, and light brown others....very weird!) I didn't quite realize the difference in their hair until these pictures! His always had a little curl in it. Hers does if it's wet, but dry it's straight as a bored. Just like momma's was. Bottom line...we are incredibly blessed!

Random: Levi's in the background asking for "zoo" otherwise known as "cereal." His words just crack me up! Some of his cute little words are already going away and it makes me thankful for the growth, but a little sad too! Truck isn't dutch anymore. :( and Chips are now chips (or sometimes dips) instead of kips.

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  1. Aaron spins in circles on his belly too, I call it break dancing.