Saturday, January 19, 2013

Disney Part 2

The Nelson's felt like coming out to play the second day! Poor Braeden didn't really feel good the whole trip, but he was a trooper!

5 very special kids in front of the Epcot ball!

We actually rode the ride this time. I don't remember doing it when we were there as kids so I enjoyed it!

Good thing I didn't have to buy $20 Minnie ears again! haha

We all had our Mickey shirts on this today. Chloe had Minnie of course...she's so thrilled to be at Disney World!

We had lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant which is in the aquarium at Epcot. It was DELISH and such a neat atmosphere! Good rec Steve!!

Levi loved looking at the fish and sharks!

He wasn't dare going in Bruce's mouth though! haha

The next day we hit up Animal Kingdom. This park didn't even exist when we were there in the 90s so I was like a kid ready to see it! Chloe had on the cutest ear warmer ever....and outfit to match! It was kind of cold and rainy all day but that didn't stop us.

Before we left we went and checked out Radiator Springs at our hotel. We stayed in the Nemo area so we had Mr. Ray and Crush outside our buildings, but we had to take pictures with EVERY car from the cast of Cars!

The pool in this area was the Cozy Cone Motel! How cool is that?? The cones were like little cabanas.

This was our pool. It had an adorable splash pad and playground that looked like the reef. Levi never even got in. It was warm enough but every time we were back at the hotel he was EXHAUSTED.

First up was the Safari! COOLEST RIDE EVER! Love these two....they made this whole trip possible!

This giraffe was so close to our truck!

I've never seen a giraffe eat and had no clue how long their tongues are! Look at that thing!

We had lunch at the Tusker House and got to watch Levi scream about the characters again. hahah

Lucas and Chloe liked Mickey though!

She's trying to touch Daisy's gorgeous eye lashes :)

We watching the Jungle Jam parade...Lucas was ready for it!

This picture melts my heart!

This is how Trent felt about the whole thing. The parks were still pretty crowded this day. The parades were kind of the worst part of the crowd because alllllll those other people want their kids to see it just as bad as you want yours too. I'm not usually a pushy person, but we were there early and Levi was gonna see that darn parade!

We really need to name this look. It's how he looked the majority of the time. He's so serious in unfamiliar territory! It was so stinkin cute when he'd have this serious face and then he'd wave his little hand at them!

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