Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas #1 - Coleman

Friday evening (the 21st - also Cameron's birthday) we had a birthday/Christmas celebration with Trent's Dad's family.

See....I told you those wipes were her fave!

She has gotten some wonderful wear out of this adorable outfit given to her by our Batesie's!

TIffy!!!! Both of our kids adore her. :)

Uncle Brent helping Levi torture the cat! Uncle Brent always plays fun games like that with him. :)

Another example of her busy-ness. She played with the door handle! haha

It didn't take him long to figure out this gift opening stuff! He got LOTS of goodies!

Giving out hugs!

Danny, Brent, Levi, Trent, Teresa, Cameron, Brian, Danielle, Emily, Chloe, Carson, and Grandma Coleman

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