Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Party and another trip to the doc...

We got a special treat Sunday after church! Grams and Pops stopped by to have lunch! I completely forgot they were coming until Trent reminded me on the way to church. Of course it happens to be the day I forgot my phone so I got NO pictures. :( We're so glad they stopped by!! It's always great to see our Amarillo family!! Levi was a bit confused why Mimi wasn't with them. She's still off traveling the world with Uncle Brent. :)

April if FULL of birthdays for the Nelsons! Kristie planned another amazing party for Nathan and Braeden with all their friends. She did a wonderful job entertaining all those kids!

They all got ninja head wraps!

First up on the games list was a scavenger hunt!

Nathan's too cool to pose for me like Braeden usually does. :)

Then there was the ninja obstacle course...

And throwing ninja stars at the balloons.

Chloe took it all in as usual. :)

Writing their own Ninja names....

And birthday cake of course!!!

Is this not the sweetest little ninja ever??

She's NEVER happy. :) (much sarcasm intended!)

And the pinata!

We've been doing a lot of this lately!!! Late night nebulizer. :(

I finally took him to the doctor last Tuesday because while we seemed to be "managing" the asthma, he just wasn't getting better. He had been needing treatments for like 9 days, but the albuterol was working well. I always doubt myself when I take him to the doctor. I always think "oh kids are resilient, they make it through much worse, we're too quick to medicate..." When we got to the doctor though he was already wheezing and had a breathing treatment only an hour and a half before. On top of that...he had an ear infection! On Monday he felt a little warm to me, but when I took his temp, it was normal. He never complained at all so we must've just caught it early. So after an oral steroid and some antibiotics, we're doing much better!!
We had a lunch date with just the two of us and some frozen yogurt afterwards! Nana was nice enough to keep Chloe and it was great to get some one on one time with him. He seemed like his normal self so we had a blast!

We did miss Chloe though! He asked for her a couple of times while we were gone so we were glad to see her!!

I took this picture of our incredibly happy baby because poor Leslie is suffering through a colicky baby right now. :( That is ROUGH....but it does have a happy ending!!!

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