Sunday, May 5, 2013

Braeden's Birthday and Germanfest

Last Friday, Braeden turned 6!! We had a special dinner for him at Steve & Kristie's and their MawMaw and PawPaw were here too!!

Chloe getting Daddy :)

MawMaw made them special boxes that must have taken her HOURS!!! It was pretty clever though!! That's a string of one dollar bills!

Trent had to hold Levi back from trying to help open all their presents.

Chloe & Lucas LOVE birthdays and all the trash that comes with them.

Lucas was hilarious trying to put this on his head over and over!

The birthday boy!! So Nathan came up with this concoction of cake, then cookie cake, then cake again. Frickin delicious! Braeden requested his be white cake, with red and blue icing. I must say....probably the best combination ever!

Saturday we watched the boys each play a baseball game and then we headed to Muenster for Germanfest. It's a big festival with lots of sausage, beer, sauer kraut, carnival rides, shopping booths and music.

Nana and Grandpa were with their friends Rod and Ramona at the bell dinging booth.

Mom and Ramona offered to keep the kids so Trent and I could go ride some big kid rides. Well...I don't really do carnival rides. I was at a fair once when a big truck that all that stuff was hooked up to caught on fire. If it can be picked up and moved....chances are I'm not going to ride it. I will ride ANY roller coaster....but not fair rides. When we got over there, they were more for little kids anyway so I lucked out. We went back and got Cautious Carl. The following are a series of pictures that will explain how he got that name....

(BTW....Trent is only smiling because this hadn't started yet. When they stepped on the whole thing swayed. The WHOLE CAROUSEL, not just the horse. I had to turn my head, I thought they both might die. THEN it went like 100 MPH! Seriously...I thought Trent was gonna puke when they got off. WORST. CAROUSEL. EVER.)

Then they had this sign by the crawling dinosaurs.... Really??? "Strong side to side forces" "Rapidly changing heights" FO REAL?????

He was much more excited about helping Grandpa emcee!

Who's that hunk?? I think I"ll take him home!!

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