Friday, May 24, 2013

Rangers fun day!

We've been wanting to go to a Rangers game for a while now, but our schedule is surprisingly busy. Plus, it's kind of hard for us to go to the 7 pm game because our kids are used to going to bed at 8. We decided to skip church this Wednesday and go have a fun day at the ballpark! Levi is really into baseball right now since we go watch Nafan (Levi-ism) and Braeden play, and he plays at home with Daddy all the time!

My 3 favorite Rangers fans!!

I of course had to find Chloe a fancy outfit for the season! Aren't they adorable??

I even made her shorts. :) My sewing skills are snuffing up pretty nice!

It was way sunny and pretty toasty but we still had a great time!

They hit 2 home runs in the first inning so we got to see fireworks right off the bat! Levi yells home run all the time at home so it was pretty fun to get to do it for real!

This wasn't their first rangers game, it was actually their second. Levi's 3rd if you count the one at Angels stadium we went to. We went last year in August or September and while it was great to see all the family, we didn't get to watch much baseball. There was no where for me to feed Chloe and it rained so we didn't stay very long. Look at how much she's changed in just a few months!?!?! She will probably always have a fancy Rangers outfit!!

I took Chloe out in the hall to cool off a bit and this sweet little old lady asked me if I wanted her to take our picture. You can tell it was toasty!!

Don't judge me. Yes, she's on the ground at the ballpark. Daddy had her extremely shaded and she was tired of being held!

Home run!! He also says "wing an a misssssss!" It's really hilarious.

We made it through 6 innings, which I thought was excellent! We did valet because we knew they'd be pooped. Turns for a Lexus! Sweet surprise! It's a good thing too because Levi crashed out before we left the premises with a half eaten nutri-grain bar in his hand. Poor thing!

Once he got a good nap in the car (Chloe didn't sleep because she slept part of the game in my arms) so we headed to get snow cones back in Gainesville.


Chloe wasn't so sure at first, but she was begging for more not too long after!

I love snow cones and I love my Levi!

He was a mess...but man am I blessed or what???

We came home, had a quick bite of supper and then had time for some family golf. Which is NOT easy or fast with 2 kids. Chloe was cool with this method for a little while...we'd just sit her down while we hit.

But then she got angry and didn't want to sit in the grass anymore. We happened to be right by Nana and Grandpa's so we dumped her off and played one more hole.

This was by far one of the most fun days ever! I LOVE getting to do things like this with just our little family of 4!

"Let's go Ran-ers!" (Another Levi-ism that has been repeated A LOT the last 2 days, haha!)

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