Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cousin Date!

Last week we went to pick up Brielle and spend a little time with her while her Momma had to do the 3 hour glucose test. Levi and Chloe were super excited!!

First, we went to Joann's to pick up some fabric that I had ordered and a couple of other small things. (They were fantastic in Joann's btw!!) Next, we hit up Chick-Fil-A. Brielle was so sweet....I had told them we were going to eat at CFA earlier. When we pulled up she said "Where's Chick-Fil-A?" I parked facing away from the building so I just thought she couldn't see it. I unsnapped her from the car seat and said "see, right there!" She responded with "That's not where Trent works!!!" HAHA, she thought we were going to Chicken E!!! So sweet! (She once stated that Chicken E was where Trent lived. :))

Anyway....after they ate they went to play and they looked SOOOOO big! Just ran around playing and laughing together!

Sissy had to stay with boring ole' mom! The kid ate like 4 chicken nuggets!!

Then we went to a little playground near by. It was a really nice park, but there was a field trip there. The older kids scared me so we didn't stay long. I used to work with those kids...I know they're not nice to little ones.

They were satisfied though, they got to do all they wanted to I think. :)

I was a little nervous to have all 3 by myself, but Levi and Brielle are both so well behaved so it was pretty easy! It did take me 10 minutes to load and unload the car each time. Haha!

This morning we had some pictures taken for Chloe's first birthday. I CANNOT believe her birthday is so close! As Tiffy seems like we were just living in a hotel! hahahaha! So true...I have no clue how she could possibly be almost 1 already!

I'm obsessed with this little chalkboard. I bought it for Chloe's party, but I used it for the Fiesta last weekend and then for pics this morning. I can't wait to see how they turned out! She was pretty serious, but Levi was extremely cooperative!! So much so that we took him to get ice cream at 9:45 am when we were done. (He through a hissy fit in Braum's of course.)

This afternoon I handed out tea and water at the Chamber golf tournament. Those tiny specks are Team Chicken Express!

I told Levi I missed him when I got home. About an hour later he looked up at me and said "Mom miss you!" I seriously almost cried. He is the sweetest! Then I had to snap a pic of Chloe because she cracks me up!! She's always either sleeping EXACTLY like this, or on her tummy with her booty in the air.

And here's one of my and my Mommy 2 years ago in Budapest. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! All I can think about this Mother's Day is how in just a few short years our kiddos will be adults. I'm sure our parents all feel like we were JUST 2!!!

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  1. Sweet kiddos! I'm sure if you have Chloe the choice between playing with the kids or eating.... She would choose eating!