Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wonderful Family Time...

We've had more wacko weather, but luckily it was nice this weekend and we got to hang out outside! We did a little much needed yard work in our flower beds.

Levi wanted to help so bad! He was a great little helper for the most part! I bought him that bucket and shovel for the beach but I guess it works for the flower bed too right? Now every time we pull up to the house he says "mom, help me!" He gets his "me's and you's" confused. :)

This is what Chloe thought about having to stay in her jumper!

Ok Mom, I guess I'll smile!!

Since we've been watching Nathan and Braeden play baseball now, he always says "EI baseball!" (EI is how he says his name, remember?) He wants to play so bad! Daddy isn't gonna waste any time with that!

Oh the many faces of Levi and his tee.

We've discovered this is the PERFECT place to hang out on a gorgeous day!! Sissy is happy because she feels like she's in the action, Mom and Dad are comfy, and Levi gets to run bonkers like usual!

Both of them have been a little under the weather. Levi's just been having to have lots of breathing treatments and Chloe ran a little fever a couple of days ago. Who knows what it is, but I think it has something to do with a new tooth coming through. She's had TERRIBLE diapers and even more terrible diaper rash! Makes me want to cry!! Levi never had trouble with teeth and he hardly ever had diaper rash. It doesn't matter how many times I change her diaper, or how much Triple Paste I use, it's not getting much better. :(

Hopefully spring will come and stay for a while before full fledged summer hits!!

I'm so grateful for these relaxing days with our little family!!

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