Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Happenings

I have just some random photos I need to document so this post is totally random!!

Here's Levi playing on the little playground at the park. There's a big playground....but it's a SERIOUS playground and I don't like to take both of them by myself. I can't keep up with him and hold Chloe at the same time.

I feel like I've already posted this but I can't find it...can you tell he's watched his dad crawl under the car a few times to "fix" it? He kept coming up because his hat was falling off...he finally resorted to holding it. Hilarious.

He was standing next to Dad's car and some little kids walked by. He nonchalantly said "Daddy race car." He never even looked at them! hahahah!

These two are SO sweet to watch! They crawl around everywhere with each other. Pull out a snack and they will ATTACK you! I'm sure they were staring at Kristie holding goldfish!

Chloe got to swing for the first time! She was pretty excited, but Levi was THRILLED that she was swinging with him!!

We headed to Aunt Holly's for a Memorial Day cookout with her family. I haven't seen her mom and brother in a long time so I was super excited to see them! Chloe was pretty ticked when we first put her in the pool....

but she quickly realized how relaxing it can be!! haha

Phillip hit the honey hole with pool toys. He bought this little shark that swam in the pool. Connor and Levi chased it alllllll day!

Here they were roaring like dinosaurs at each other. :) Connor loves dinosaurs!

He caught it!!

Where did it go? The kids fell asleep of course on the way home, when Trent got Levi out to put him down he very sleepily said "shark go?" I guess he was still dreaming about it!

We go to the library on Tuesday mornings in Gainesville, here's Levi sitting with his little friends. The lady read books about flys so he's been singing "Shoo fly, don't bother me.." It's so sweet!

And CC was ALLLLLL in the action this week! She usually just hangs out with me, but not this week! She loves music and always claps or dances when I sing. They were singing and she crawled right in the middle of the group and started clapping and dancing! She's growing so fast! (Excuse the awful teacher broom skirt with her undies hanging out the top. She was a retired pre-school teacher and you could tell!!)

This is Chloe's new trick... we've been saying this A LOT the last week. She even claps when Levi says it. :)

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