Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fiesta like there's no manana!

We (or I) decided to have a little fiesta for over the Cinco De Mayo holiday weekend. We do have a little mexican in our family so why not have good food and great friends?!?! Plus, I'd seen some super cute ideas on blogs that I needed to steal. :)

There are no words to describe how much we love them! (And Chloe's toe touch?)

I was trying to capture the face Trent gets every day when he comes home. How cute is our little construction man??

I decorated a little bit....

Put this chalkboard to good use....

Attempted cake pops for the first time, and they actually turned out great!

I found all the printable for free online.

No fiesta would be complete without tissue paper flowers!

We had such a wonderful day visiting with the Ganns and the Bowmans. (Poor Brielle is back there getting a splinter removed. :()

We played lots of bubbles of course because those two LOVE them!! (See really hit the nail on the head with those bubbles!!)

This little princes just loves to watch them play.

Aunt Holly and little darlin....

The Ganns brought Trent a special Mexican present. He's thrilled!! Before I moved to Crane, I knew nothing about catholicism or these candles. I remember blowing one of them out at one of my friends house and Haylea asking me what the heck I was doing. She had to explain to me that you do not blow them out!! (I still don't know why?)

Enjoying some corona (obviously not the preggo) and watching the Derby!

And another preggo who got super excited about the caffeine free cherry 7 up! haha! For once in my life I was the one having drinks while the others sipped on alcohol free bevs. Well...we all know the boys were loving their beer.

I love these two so much and can't wait to meet Baby Bowman and Hason!!

Phillip got some practice in with this little sweetie. She's so hard to catch being still now!

Thank you for coming to hang out with us, Ganns and Bowmans! It was a wonderful day!

And by the way....Levi is now officially 2 and a half! I can't believe how fast time goes!!

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