Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kindergarten Circus

Last Friday was Braeden's Kindergarten Circus. It's a huge deal at Callisburg Elementary, it's been going on for years! It was sooooooooo adorable!! Nathan was a strong man two years ago, so of course Braeden has been wanting to be a strong man allllllll year!

They were hilariously sweet! I was super impressed how it was like a real circus, every act had a leader. There were little lions...

Prancing ponies

Tight rope walkers

These were almost my fave! "Peanuts PA-corn!"

The seals were pretty hilarious too!

Then the strong men!! the sweet little girls rolled their "bars" up for them.

They showed off the muscles....

Then they SCOWLED as they picked up their incredibly heavy (empty coffee cans on a stick) bars!!

Go strong man!!!

Chloe and Lucas were GLUED to the excitement and Levi was very proud of his big cousin!!

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  1. Cutest thing ever! Every school should do this!