Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mini Vacation!!

I've been wanting to take Levi to the Ft. Worth Zoo for quite a while now. It's been a combination of things keeping us from it, but we finally went and decided to turn it into a little mini vacation! One of the beautiful things about our recent change in occupations is that we have the flexibility to rearrange our schedules and try to go to things like this when they aren't as crowded. I really hope to take advantage of that for the next 3 years while we don't have any kids in school.

We left early Monday morning and hit up the zoo first! Levi LOVED all the animals!

First stop was the "nunkeys."

He flipped out shortly after this when the nunkey started moving towards the glass. It took him a minute to understand that they couldn't get to him.

(I'll spare you from the 200 pictures of animals and try to just include the ones of the kids. :))

Levi and I fed the birds in one of the aviaries. They gave you this stick that had bird seed stuck to the end of it. Obviously these birds are used to this and one of them immediately flew at me! I squealed like a little girl which of course did not help Levi's confidence in there. He did really well though! He didn't get brave enough to hold the stick, but he did watch closely as they sat on my hands. There were some GORGEOUS little birds in there!

Of course the sharks were a hit!!!

Every time we left an exhibit he would say "more sharks!" or "more nunkeys, hippos, lions, etc, etc." You get the idea.

Quick stop for lunch. It's amazing how much the kid will eat when you wear him out! (And feed him kid faves of course.)

We watched the otters, turtles and crocodile for a while.

Took a quick ride on the carousel!

Then we waited on the train to take us back to the front. :) We were laughing at Levi's listening careful face.

After a train ride we headed over to Great Wolf Lodge!

So usually, I can take about 30 pictures and at least get one good one. That has NOT been the case recently. Here they are all ready for day 2 at the "bar park." (I didn't take a single picture the first day there!)

He looks like such a big kid here!!

Chloe was TICKED the first time we put her down in the water. She slowly warmed up.... a little.

This was the little kid area that was perfect for them! We spent most of our time here. (Our adventurous Daddy would definitely have loved for him to go down the big kid slides but he's only tall enough to ride these little bitty ones.) We took turns with the kids so we could do big kid stuff.

Chloe eventually got to where she was crawling around in the water.

That's the "tree house" that's filled with all kinds of falling water.

There's a huge bucket on top that fills up and then dumps over. It makes the biggest "bar fall" ever! Levi was AMAZED!!!

There's no place I'd rather be than ANYWHERE with these 3!!! It was our first little vacation as just a family of 4 and it was a blast! Even if we were only an hour from home, it was SO fun and relaxing!

Watching the giant bar fall!

He loved this silly little circle of fountains!

Once again....snapped 30 of this pose and not a single good one!

Shortly after lunch it was pretty evident they were WIPED out! We had to be out of our room by 11. We didn't have anywhere for them to take a nap so we decided to head home.

Every time we got on the elevator Levi would step over the crack and say CAREFUL! Then he'd grab onto the handle like we were going on a roller coaster. So adorable!!!

Sister was SACKED!

What a wonderful little trip with our family!! There are so many cool things to do in this area so I hope we can do this more often!!

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