Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lucas is ONE!!

Our sweet nephew, Lucas, turned one last week!!

We started the day out with the Kiowa Easter Egg Hunt, but I'll put that with the Easter post. We ran home for a nap and then off to Lucas' mustache bash!! Kristie put together the most adorable little man party I've ever seen!

Every little detail was thought out and precious!

I'll spare you the 500 pics I took, but just know it was amazingly cute!

We had to dress Levi like a little man of course! (Excuse the almost tube socks. I went over to take pictures of everything before the party. That left Trent getting two kids up from an "almost" long enough nap, getting them dressed and out the door. It was not an easy task I'm sure!)

Uncle Steve even sported a mustache shirt!

That's the most mustache my dad's EVER had! Those who know him know he's ALWAYS clean shaven! (It was a stick on....that wasn't sticking.)

I don't think Trent was trying to pose...but he sure is handsome! And how beautiful is that little girl?!?! Especially the little fat roll on her arm. :)

Levi taking his first swing at a pinata. (That Kristie MADE!!!)

Sportin' brother's hat!

Handsome birthday boy digging into his yummy cake!

I'm so glad we got to celebrate with everyone! I can hardly believe it's been one year since this tiny little baby was born! Last year on Easter he was hardly even 6 lb!!! We love you Lucas!

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