Friday, April 19, 2013

Chloe is 10 months old!!!

Time, please slow down!!! This little doll has completely stolen our hearts! Her personality is shining through more and more each day. She is busy, busy, busy!
Her smile is absolutely contagious and she knows how to use it! When I sing to her, she bounces up and down with total glee. She also loves to clap for herself. She's already learned that we love to watch her discover new things and she quite enjoys all the attention. :)

Just a few days ago she started walking while holding onto furniture. I'm so glad she's healthy and growing, but I'm not sure I'm ready for walking yet!! (She's got the teeny tiniest feet that I cannot find good shoes to fit her!) She's pretty bad about putting things in her mouth. Levi never really was, he'd pick up something and inspect it very carefully but then when I asked for it he would hand it over. I've pulled who knows how many pieces of dog food and other small scraps out of her mouth! God definitely intervened a couple of weeks ago when I decided to randomly go check on her during a nap. She had pulled out her bow and rubber band (which she NEVER does) and had the rubber band in her mouth! That means I have to fix her hair 3 times day now! Sheesh!

She eats incredibly well! If you didn't catch that from those DELICIOUS cheeks! She has literally eaten everything we have put in front of her. Mimi even gave her raw onions last weekend and she ate a couple of them. Yuck! I am starting to suspect that green beans don't agree with her tummy though. That's sad, bc it's my favorite veggie!

She always wants to be standing now so she will crawl to whatever or whoever is closest to her get herself that way. I'm having to play referee a little more now. Baby girl needs more girly toys because she's always in Levi's and he's kind of getting fed up with it! She'll be 1 in just two short months and I'm sure she won't get any toys at her party! :)

We've had a productive day today. We collected all of their money out of piggy banks because there are a couple of things we're wanting to buy them for the summer. We went to the bank where they helped him count it all!!
Then it was off to get a hair cut, he needed one really bad!

He sat in the chair all by himself today because I had Chloe with me. Trent is usually the one who takes him and he sits in his lap, but he was a big boy today! He was scared at first, but then did great!

His first haircut 2 years ago. :(

So handsome!

Between the bank and the haircut, he scored 2 balloons and 3 suckers!

I love every single day with these two adorable kids! Thank you, God, for providing a way for us to get to be the ones to experience their daily activities and influence their little minds!
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  1. That picture of his first haircut....melt my heart and makes me soooo sad! Where did that baby go! Love him so much! And I can't believe our princess will be one soon!!!