Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Justing Hanging Out....

The weather has been really ridiculously ridiculous lately. I mean we live in Texas....usually it's like 90 by now! I won't complain about the rain because we absolutely need it, so we've been hanging out inside a lot.
Levi has gotten really into books! Brent gave him these animal books for his birthday and he loves to look at them! He also has a favorite "fish" book that he can quote almost every word to.

And this precious thing is RIGHT on his heels at all time! She wants to be STANDING at all times and she wants to be in the action.

Here's Levi telling me what he learned in Sunday School. :)

Little Miss Piggy will eat almost anything I put in front of her! She wasn't crazy about greens as purees but she hasn't turned down any table food I've given her! Peas, green beans, tomatoes, corn, bread, mashed potatoes...etc. I love it! It's such a nice change from her brother who's ALWAYS been a super picky eater!

I attempted my first ruffled project recently! I distinctly remember telling Diana I was gonna have to learn how to sew a ruffle when I found out we were having a girl. Well...nine months later I did it! I'm not gonna lie....I almost jumped off our balcony, but I did it! I still have to make the little bloomers to go with it but it turned out adorable. It's really big, so I might have to try again and make one a little smaller that she can wear now.

Baseball season has begun. I always feel for Steve and Kristie this time of year because there is NEVER a night they don't have something going on. Braeden's first game was yesterday so we all went to watch! Chloe and Lucas had fun picking and throwing grass. Lucas was EXTRA good at it!

And boss man Nathan was EXTRA sweet to his little cousin! He held her up because she of course wanted to stand next to him. Melts my heart!

You can see how in heaven Levi was back there. :)

Here are some funny Levi-isms for you

Pepperoni = huper ony (2 words)
football = hut ball (blue 42!)
Levi = EI (he tells me often EI baseball! He thinks he's big enough to play)
God made everything! = God made ERRRTING!
Fire Truck, police car, any emergency vehicle = woo woo
Big truck = B TUCK!
timeout and spanking = ti-out and pank-ING
Get me = KEE POO (That's the best way I can spell what he says, it's hilarious. We're encouraging him to say "chase me!")
Grandpa - Dam pa

He's also really into "That" and "This" right now. Dat way, Dis one, Dat one, Dis way! A little more demanding every day. :)

I told him one day that Daddy would be so happy if his cars were all picked up when he got home. Well now he asks me all the time "Daddy happy?" Now it's gone into him asking me if EVERYONE WE KNOW is happy. So sweet!

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