Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A very busy weekend!

These are from a couple of weeks ago...these pictures are WAY behind what it looks like now! I've got to go get some more!

We knew the crane would be there putting the beams up this day so we wanted to take Levi to watch.

He loved it of course!!

We started our weekend off with Nathan's baseball game and then the Medal of Honor parade.

Levi clapped and waved the whole time!! There were planes and helicopters flying over throughout the parade (ONE HOUR BTW...) so he was in heaven!

LOUD motorcycles! I wanted to cover my ears too!

No...the ambulance is not driving backwards in the parade....they actually had to come pick someone up during it! How sad, right?

Those are the 10 commandments. Can you imagine how much better off this world would be if we'd all live by them?????

Medal of Honor recipients rode in this little army jeeps.

Sister was over sitting in my lap so she got down with the boys.

Then Mimi, Grandpa Lin, Landon, Diana and Brielle came to hang out and have supper!!
That's his new shark book that he got to pick out last week. He always wants to read it!

Tia watching Chloe scoot around everywhere.

Levi and Brielle played SO INCREDIBLY well together this trip!! Usually we have to intervene in a small way at least once or twice. But not today! They played bubbles and chased each other and played cars the whole day!

Chloe wanted to go run with them sooooo bad!

Levi's favorite game!!!

Little sweetheart doing some handy work. :)

I took about 30 of these pictures and this is the closest I got of a good one! Ha!

Sister telling Tia all about it!

I let him eat a bowl of ice cream by himself for the first time. What a mess!!!

It was a GORGEOUS day and we had such a wonderful time visiting with everyone!!!

Then on Sunday we celebrated Nathan's EIGHTH birthday!! I cannot believe it.

Look at Lucas and Chloe, they were loving all that paper on the floor!

Miss Piggy trying to mooch some of Lucas' supper! (She'd already had her own btw)

Birthday boy requested a cake that was chocolate on top and chocolate on bottom and cookie in the middle. Nana delivered!

How sweet is he?!?!

Happy Birthday Nathan!! We love you tons!!

Those two look like trouble to me!!

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