Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gainesville Zoo

With all the yucky weather and the inside time that comes with it, we really needed an outing. There's a zoo here in Gainesville but we haven't ventured off to it yet. What better day than today? It wasn't cold, just windy and over cast but there was NO one there! Can't beat that!
When we got there, it was 5 minutes til they started feeding the giraffes so we hurried along to get there.

We passed the most gorgeous turquoise parrot!!

And some kangaroos!

Levi is finally getting to where he'll pose for me to take a picture, but NOT when something this exciting is going on!!!

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. I didn't have huge expectations for a zoo in this little town but I was pleasantly surprised! It only took us a little over an hour to go through but it was nice!!

"Zebras!" yells Levi. (with a short e, instead of a long)

We got to feed him some lettuce. ($1 for ONE leaf of romaine might I add. grrrrr.) Well I got to feed him some lettuce. Levi wasn't having any part of that gigantic tongue.

Watching very intently...

Love adventures with my boy! These days make me every more thankful that I get to be home with them.

There were lots of cool animals and most of them are close enough that you don't need binoculars like some zoos. This owl in particular was RIGHT up front!

Levi so enjoyed seeing all the a-mals! He's at such a fun age!

There's also a little train that goes all the way around the park next to the zoo. He of COURSE wanted in on that action! Even gave the conductor a high 5!

This was really during Chloe's morning nap time, but she did really well as long as she had that wubbanub! She really enjoyed the train ride too.

The conductor took him up to the front to help him right the bell and blow the whistle. I was surprised it didn't scare the dickens out of him!!

Fun little outing and we were still home in time for lunch and a good nap!
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