Friday, March 29, 2013

Always amazed...

These kids amaze me. I don't know how two beings as adorable as Levi and Chloe belong in our house! God is good is all I can say!
This one is growing like a week and thinks she's 2 already.

And this one is potty trained!?!?!

(He found some of those capsules that grow into creatures under the bathroom counter. They were leftover from my treasure box at school and I knew he'd enjoy them some day. haha)
When we started this adventure a week ago, I didn't really have any expectations. After peeing in his pants 7 times in about 3 clicked! He's only had two tee tee accident since then. One at church and the other when he woke up wet after a nap. (Which actually probably means he was awake and I didn't catch it before he peed.) Pooping has been a little more of a challenge, as I think it is with every kid. But we're going on 4 days now with no accidents. I'm SO incredibly proud of him!! He's gotten to the point now where I trust him. If he says he needs to go...he probably does. If he doesn't tell me he needs to go, then he probably doesn't. We enticed him with m&ms and a big ole silly tee tee dance....but he's over that already! So big! (He does still sleep in a diaper at night.)

He's been really into measuring things lately. He carries around his little tape measure and wants me to measure his head, tummy, arm, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...(you get the picture?)

We had a really fun day today! We drove down to meet some of my aunts/uncles/cousins after a golf tournament they play in on Good Friday each year. It was so great to get to catch up a little!!

We've had such CRAPPY weather since spring started. It's disgusting actually....but we made good use a bad weather day and made some Easter cookies. :) (Excuse Chloe's awful look. She had some virus that made her run a REALLY high fever one day, a small one for a few more, and an AWFUL snotty nose for a week! Evidently it made its way on over to Levi because today when we got home his temp was 102.6)

I attempted my first pillowcase dress for Chloe a few days ago. I didn't have a pattern, I just kind of guessed based on a dress of hers. turned out like a doll dress. I decided to try again and this one was MUCH better! I think I would like it better if I'd made the top tie out of fabric...but that cutting on the bias thing is for the birds!!! Plus this is made out of a fat quarter bundle so I probably wouldn't have had enough fabric. I hope this one goes over her head!!

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