Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boo hoo hoo

Tomorrow starts my last week at home with Levi until school is out for summer! Agh! Not a good night to be watching a HEART BREAKING episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I don't usually watch it...but tonight it's about my sister in law's cousin. She was killed in a texting while driving accident and now her family is traveling to schools talking to students about the importance of NOT TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! I'm amazed by their strength to make something positive out of this awful tragedy, and I know it's only possible through Christ! Man I was a real boohooer pre-baby. But I'm a complete mess nowadays! So after a good cry we got on with bath and bed time.

Daddy and Levi reading Bible stories.

"Ohhhhh......that angel told Mary she was gonna have a baby!" He looks like he's reeeaally studying that!

Holding his head up....well almost. Like I said he HATES tummy time so this is how we practice. He's doing pretty good, but still a little wobbly. He looks like such a little boy! He also looks a little shocked...I think he's thinking "hmmmm this is a different angle than I'm used to."

Levi has been fighting his first little cold. We actually took him to the church nursery for the first time last Sunday and by Thursday he was coughing. Ugh. He only ran a little fever, not enough to take him to the doctor but that little cough is so sad! I'm sure since he will be going to a baby sitter this spring there will be more of this to come. :(
The lazy bug has hit me. I realize I now have 5 WORK DAYS to enjoy with my Levi. I really have enjoyed being home with him, and I've actually enjoyed getting housework done. It's amazing how much easier it is when I'm not exhausted from work. Well maybe I don't "enjoy" housework, but I sure don't mind doing it as much! So this week I plan on taking lots of naps, probably not doing near as much housework as I should, and enjoying every second with Levi!

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  1. I never watch that show either and we watched it last night too! I had no idea you know them! such a sad story, I balled my eyes out too, it's ok that's what moms are supposed to do! and how much do I loooove this last picture of levi, a total little boy he is!