Monday, January 24, 2011

December Already?!?

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! There are no words to describ how much I love Christmas! Of course this Christmas will be extra special since we have Levi now!! This year we actually had 2 trees!! It's always been a goal of mine to have a Christmas tree in every room....slowly but surely I'll get there.

On December 1 Levi was one month old. Sheesh it went by fast. He changed SO much in a month.

Here are just a few snapshots of December in the Coleman house.

He looks JUST like his dad in this picture!
All dressed up for Ella's 2nd birthday party.

We took a VERY special trip in December. My mom and I randomly decided that we were going to Crane. Haylea, my best friend, had a baby on August 31, 2010 and I was DYING to meet him. Since I was super pregnant when he was born I knew it would be a little while before we could meet him. Levi did great flying at Thanksgiving we decided to fly to Midland to finally meet Gage Randall Browning! Levi is 6 weeks old here and Gage is 3.5 months. They will be lifelong friends! Gage's mom is one of the most special people in my life and I can't wait to watch these 2 grow up together.

I didn't know when we planned the trip that my other best friend, Holly, would also be in town. (She grew up in a little town about 20 minutes from my hometown.) Now that might not sound like that big of a deal.....but Holly and her new husband moved to BUDAPEST in September. That's in HUNGARY. I had no idea she would get to meet Levi so soon but boy was I excited! Holly was my roomate in college and is also a VERY important person in my life! This picture cracks me up, it looks like Levi is saying "oooooh so YOU'RE Aunt Holly!

It was about this age when Levi started fighting his naps. He's always been really good about sleeping at night, (even when we were still getting up every 3 hours to eat) but naps are a whole different ball game! What can I say...he is his dad's child. And here is a very rare moment, my two boys sleeping. Gosh it makes me smile. :)

Levi also started smiling this month! Wow...and it was MUCH needed! Babies are so much work at the beginning but that first smile just melted me right to the floor. The first time he smiled and I KNEW he was smiling AT ME was at 4 am. Go figure. I had just nursed him and put him back in his bed next to us when he looked me right in the eyes and smiled. I will absolutely cherish that moment forever. For the next week or so we spent lots of time trying to capture it on camera! This is just one of the many attempts.

And now my two favorites :)

He really hates tummy time...still. This day he just said "no Mom, I don't think I want to hold my head up today." He's the cutest little lazy bum I've ever seen.

Of course the first comment from new people is always "LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!" We kind of expected it since Trent and I both were hairy babies. Levi discovered it too...he would get a hold of it and just SCREAM! He couldn't figure out what was going on or how to let go so we'd have to pry his fingers open. So sad, but really funny! I'm not going to put Christmas in this post because it might get LONG! So until tomorrow.....

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