Friday, January 14, 2011

Fastforward to 2010...

Trent and I were married for 3 wonderful years before we decided to have a baby. I could spend days writing about the good times we had before then, but I won't write about them all. Here's just a little snippet....Honeymoon cruise, learning to rely on each other while living in Naples, going to the beach a lot, Jamaica, moving to the largest city in Texas, (those of you who know me know this was a BIG step for me!) Vegas a few times, skiing a couple of times, lots of theme park and baseball fun, (oh how we love summer!) and most of all finding a church that really strengthened our relationship with each other and with Christ. I'll stop there, but let's just say those years were fantastic. best friend Haylea found out she and Chase would be having a baby!! I was so excited I could just pee my pants. I already had the baby bug, but this reeeealllly got me going! I wanted so bad for our kids to be close in age. Haylea is a person like no one else. I have known her since I was 11 and cannot imagine my life without her in it. I digress... Trent and I had already been discussing having kids and knew the time was coming so we decided to "see what happened." BAM...Baby Coleman on the way!

Trent's always bragging about how I can never surprise him. I think I got him this day. It was a Saturday and while he was our running morning errands I called and told him that "this month wasn't the month." Oh well...we'll try again. Then while he was raking leaves later that afternoon I showed him this. His response was "it's two negatives." WRONG! (This post makes it sound like I just sit around all day while he does errands and chores, not true :) )

The first "belly pic"

First sonogram at 8 weeks...this was when it really started to feel real! I'm one of those girls people hate that never had morning sickness or all the misery that sometimes comes with pregnancy, so it was so wonderful to see that little beating heart for the first time.

My entire pregnancy was relatively easy. Other than being REALLY exhausted in the first and last trimester I had it easy. At the 20 week sonogram they told me I had partial placenta previa which meant I would have to have a c-section if it didn't correct itself. That sounded like the end of the world at the time, but evidently it's really common. It corrected itself by 29 weeks...another answered prayer.

16 weeks

17 weeks, I couldn't wait the extra 3 week to find out the gender so we had an early sonogram. We had the nurse seal up the results and my friend Nikki made us a special cake to reveal the gender!

20 weeks

24 weeks... I grew a LOT this month!

28 weeks....a little "babymoon" to San Antonio

At about 30 weeks we had maternity pictures done. They were REALLY amazing, but REALLY expensive! (Hence the watermark on all the pics...she posted them on facebook.)

35 Weeks

37 weeks....

38.5 week...about to pop!

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